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Snake Bytes 7/24

The Diamondbacks were scalded on Wednesday, keeping in form with the outside temperatures. Temperatures are heating up in the desert, and so are trade talks involving the Diamondbacks.

Quick Quotes

"He didn't walk anybody today," D-backs manager Kirk Gibson said. "But when we needed him to make pitches, he's missing spots."

-Kirk Gibson on Trevor Cahill

"We've been great about that," Gibson said. "I think they felt us coming. We had a good attitude, put some good at-bats against them, got into their bullpen, which we wanted to do."

-Kirk Gibson on the Diamondbacks' come-back

"What I want Archie to do is continue to throw the ball well like he did his last start, get on a roll and be prepared for an opportunity should it arise."

-Kirk Gibson on Archie Bradley and a possible call-up

Daily Digest

Cahill Mauled by Tigers

The good news for Trevor Cahill is that he managed to not walk anyone while striking out three in his start against Detroit on Wednesday. The bad news is that the Tigers seemed to hit everything in sight, tagging the struggling pitcher for seven runs (three earned) on eight hits across four innings.

Extra Draft Picks, Ziegler's Bruise, and Archie Bradley

The lottery for the Competitive Balance Draft was held on Wednesday. Ziegler is receiving treatment after getting struck by a come-backer, and Gibson thinks it might be good for Archie Bradley to get a taste of the bigs.

Diamondbacks Mulling Trade Offers

The trade deadline is seven days away. The Diamondbacks have offers, but will they actually make any moves? Diamondback scouts are doing their due-diligence on other teams' lower minors to help answer that question.

What if La Russa Makes No Changes?

Tony La Russa has been taking his time, getting an idea of what he has in the organization from top to bottom and back up. The more La Russa, Gibson, and Towers discuss the process and the future, the more it sounds like any changes to the organization will not be big ones, nor will those changes include firing managers and coaches. But can the organization actually sell that concept to the fans and sponsors?

Around MLB

Tigers acquire Joakim Sorim

The Tigers have grabbed another Rangers closer. First it was Joe Nathan. Now it's Joakim Soria. The trade season is heating up and closers seem to be the hot commodity right now.

Epstein Complimentary, Critical

The Chicago Cubs President of Baseball Operations had nothing but good things to say about the St. Louis Cardinals while he was criticizing the process which awarded the NL Champion St. Louis Cardinals the A-3 pick of the 2015 Competitive Balance Draft.


Yes, pitch-framing really is a thing, and it just so happens the Diamondbacks are right in the thick of the discussion - on both sides of the ball.