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Diamondbacks 3, Tigers 4: Do Dream, Win Streak Over.

The Tigers were slightly better, and their much maligned bullpen came through to defeat the Diamondbacks

"You think you guys selling low on Fister was bad, let me tell you about what we deal with...."
"You think you guys selling low on Fister was bad, let me tell you about what we deal with...."
Norm Hall

As Jim mentioned in the preview, the 2014 Diamondbacks have yet to have a win streak above three games, and as the first part of the title of this recap directly states, they still have yet to do that.

Vidal Nuno against Justin Verlander does not, historically, sound like the most even pitching matchup, but Verlander has been struggling this season and could possibly be hittable. Of course, he no-hit the Diamondbacks through the first few innings so what the hell do I know. For his part, Nuno became a little homer happy with Torii Hunter hitting a two-run shot in the 2nd and Austin Jackson hitting a solo homer to put the Diamondbacks behind 3-0.

The Diamondbacks started to claw back (which is weird, because if any team was going to "claw" back, it would be the Tigers, that just makes sense) in the 4th. Aaron Hill lead off the inning with a single, and Paul Goldschmidt had a double to make it runners on second and third with nobody out. Miguel Montero hit a line shot that hit off of Verlander's glove and was fielded by Oro Valley's own Ian Kinsler to get the out at first, but Hill scored to make it 3-1. It became 3-2 when singles machine Mark Trumbo did just that to score Goldy. Despite a bases loaded situation, no other runs scored that inning.

Since I have a need to list events chronologically in recaps, in the 5th, Nuno was lifted for Randall Delgado after 4 and 2/3rds. Delgado was able to get out of a jam, so that's nice.

The game became tied when Gerardo Parra blasted an alone bomb in the 6th. It was his first dinger since May 21st, so exactly two months!

Delgado pitched into the seventh, which may not have been the best idea. Austin Jackson got a double to lead off the inning, and was brought home by possibly the farthest single this season from Miguel Cabrera. Cabrera, for some reason, thought that the ball hitting under the clearly marked yellow line on one of the outfield overhangs meant a home run. As such he sort of moseyed out of the batter's box and got himself thrown out at second base on a good relay by Trumbo. This was confirmed after review, but hte run still scored and it was 4-3 Detroit.

There was a chance to tie it up in the 7th! Ender Inciarte got a pinch-hit single, now he just has to stay on base and.. oh no! The Catcher to First pickoff move actually worked! Maybe? From replays it seemed like there was a possibility that Ender got his foot on the bag before Victor Martinez tagged him, however the play was "Confirmed" which... Whatever, I guess.

This was a source of irritation, as David Peralta walked and Aaron Hill singled, a series of events which presumably would have scored Inciarte had he remained on base. As it happened, Paul Goldschmidt grounded out to third with two outs and the score remained 4-3.

Much has been made of the Detroit bullpen's struggles this year. The group's collective ERA is 4.40, good for 26th in MLB (The Diamondbacks are 17th, so ha ha Tigers.)

Of course, now that I mention this, they kept the Diamondbacks from doing anything else, including embattled closer Joe Nathan. The Diamondbacks have no win streak anymore, really makes you contemplative, eh?



Source: FanGraphs

Poppin' Ollies: Parra, +12.5%
Poppin' Mollies (Drugs are bad, kids): Nuno, -15.4%

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As one might expect, these two teams play tomorrow.... That's, uh, all I really have to say...