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Dbacks 2014 Mid-Season Top 60 Prospects

Archie Bradley remains the Dbacks' top prospect.
Archie Bradley remains the Dbacks' top prospect.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the draft is complete and everyone has signed and gotten their early assignments, it's time for the Mid-Season Top 60 Prospects list. Most of the Top 10 draft picks made their way onto the list with Touki Toussaint occupying the highest spot at number 5. Archie Bradley remains atop the list as he did last year, though some questions are starting to arise whether his ceiling is quite what we thought it was. An arm injury slowed his progress this year and he's just now getting back on track.

Plenty of players dropped off the list with so many minor leaguers occupying major league roster spots and getting qualifying time. Buys like Chase Anderson, Mike Bolsinger, Chris Owings and David Peralta are gone from the list. Big risers include Jake Lamb and Andrew Velazquez who are having huge seasons that will likely land them on some national Top 100 lists. Velazquez hopped up around 15 spots from my last ranking.

First and second rounders from last year Braden Shipley and Aaron Blair also find themselves near the top of the list with solid seasons underway. We've also seen some prospects plummet like Stryker Trahan and Michael Perez who once occupied 2 of the Top 10 spots. The list isn't as pitching heavy as it was a couple of years ago though that still remains the organization's strength.

Rank Prospect Pos 2014 Level Age* Comments
1 Archie Bradley RHP Mobile 22 Mixed opinions
2 Jake Lamb 3B Mobile 23 Ready for call up
3 Braden Shipley RHP Visalia 22 Scouts like, results mixed
4 Aaron Blair RHP Mobile 22 Moving on up
5 Touki Toussaint RHP AZL 18 Big ceiling
6 Andrew Velasquez SS South Bend 19 Monster season
7 Justin Williams OF Missoula 18 Big average, power lagging
8 Cody Reed LHP AZL 18 Potential front liner
9 Brandon Drury 3B Visalia 21 Having a solid season
10 Jake Barrett RHP Reno 22 Made it to AAA
11 Joe Munoz 3B South Bend 20 No longer at SS
12 Jimmie Sherfy RHP Mobile 22 Coming around in AA
13 Marcus Wilson OF AZL 17 Just getting started
14 Alex Glenn OF Visalia 23 Power plus speed but cooling off
15 Andrew Chafin LHP Reno 24 Hitting bump in AAA
16 Daniel Palka 1B South Bend 22 Good power, so-so contact
17 Matt Stites RHP Majors 24 Finding his way in majors
18 Jose Herrera C AZL 17 Flashing early in AZL
19 Sergio Alcantara SS Missoula 18 Bat is behind the glove
20 Matt Railey OF Missoula 19 Decent start in rookie ball
21 Zach Borenstein OF Mobile 24 Flashing since trade
22 Nick Ahmed SS Majors 24 Can he hit enough to stick
23 Socrates Brito OF Visalia 22 Parra clone with real speed
24 Jamie Westbrook SS Missoula 19 Still developing but okay
25 Jose Martinez RHP Hillsboro 20 Elbow injury has derailed
26 Daniel Gibson LHP Visalia 22 Still has a future
27 Brad Keller RHP Missoula 19 Struggled in last couple
28 Grant Heyman OF Hillsboro 20 Good start
29 Matt McPhearson OF AZL 19 Breaking out in AZL
30 Chuck Taylor OF Missoula 21 Hot and cold
31 Tyler Humphreys 3B Missoula 20 Slow start
32 Sean Jamieson SS Mobile 25 Just keeps producing
33 Evan Marzilli OF Mobile 23 Bat still a tad behind
34 Isan Diaz SS/2B AZL 18 Needs more reps
35 Silvino Bracho RHP South Bend 22 Monster K/BB numbers
36 Cody Wheeler LHP Mobile 24 Finally healthy and producing
37 Stryker Trahan C South Bend 20 Going backwards
38 Raul Santana OF AZL 20 Shows some hitting ability
39 A.J. Schugel RHP Mobile 25 Erratic results so far
40 Michael Perez C South Bend 22 Has flattened out
41 Ismael Pena OF AZL 18 Bonus baby just starting
42 Zeke Spruill RHP Reno 25 AAAA arm
43 Kevin Cron 1B Missoula 21 Terrific start
44 Zac Curtis LHP Hillsboro 21 Dominating start in bullpen
45 Colin Bray OF South Bend 21 Developing but injured
46 Michael Bolsinger RHP Reno 26 Another AAAA arm
47 Bo Schultz RHP Reno 26 Another AAAA arm
48 Dane McFarland OF Missoula 19 Raw athlete making strides
49 Ben Eckels RHP Hillsboro 20 Settling down after failing in SB
50 Alfredo Marte OF Reno 25 Just a tad short of majors quality
51 Rudy Flores 1B Visalia 23 Big power, big Ks
52 Felipe Perez RHP Missoula 20 Late start to 2014
53 Eury De La Rosa LHP Majors 24 Fringe majors reliever
54 Gerson Montilla 2B/3B Mobile 24 Steady and versatile
55 Rodrigo Takahashi RHP AZL 17 Young Brazilian
56 Garrett Webber INF Reno 25 Solid upper minors guy
57 Brandon Jacobs OF Visalia 24 Has some power
58 Andrew Barbosa LHP Visalia 26 Injury problems just won't end
59 Yefrey Ramirez RHP AZL 20 Live arm
60 Brandon Sinnery RHP Visalia 24 Not quite enough there