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Snake Bytes 7/17

The day after the day after never seems to come fast enough once the All-star Game is completed. But, here we are. The first pitch of the second half will finally be thrown at 4:05 pm MST.

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Daily Digest

A Glance Back and a Look Ahead

Steve Gilbert quickly reviews the Diamondbacks' first half and provides five second half developments to watch for.

Will the Diamondbacks Make Another Trade?

Tim Kurkjian seems to think that there is something to be said for the Diamondbacks mostly standing pat at this season's trade deadline. (audio available here)

Jake Lamb and Age Relative to League

As we have been spending so much time over the last few weeks talking about Jake Lamb and how he stacks up compared to his peers, I reached into the way-back machine and pulled out this article about Jake Lamb written during this past winter that discusses Jake Lamb and his place on the aging curve.

Around MLB

Statcast Changing How Games are Watched

The new statcast technology is adding even more information to a sport already overflowing with statistical evaluations. This time however, the new information comes complete with spiffy on-screen graphics that complement the information, giving broadcasts a somewhat different, newer feel.

10 Questions for the Second Half

Tom Verducci poses 10 questions for consideration about the second half that kicks off today.