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Snake Bytes 7/16: All-Star Off Day Blues

The World Cup is over, there are no more all-star festivities to distract us from the lack of baseball. Somehow, I think discussing possible trades might be able to fill the time left until baseball returns.

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Quick Quotes

"What I meant to say was I'm intentionally trying to throw a strike to get him out. It's what I do most of the time, almost all the time," he said. "'Piping one' is the wrong window for that. It really is. If I'm going to get taken to the slaughterhouse for saying a stupid phrase, then I deserve it. What can you do?"

-Adam Wainwright

"It was just a quick reaction," Goldschmidt said. "You just see the ball coming at you, and you try to go get it and make the play. Fortunately, it was within my reach."

-Paul Goldschmidt

"At least this time I got an at-bat."

Miguel Montero

Daily Digest

Goldschmidt, Montero Take Part in ASG

The Diamondbacks had two players in last night's midsummer classic that ended in a 5-3 win for the American League. Paul Goldschmidt was deservedly elected by a large margin and Miguel Montero played as a back-up. Neither managed a hit, but Goldschmidt did get a chance to flash the leather and didn't disappoint.

Diamondback Prospects on the Rise and Fall

Fangraphs takes a look at three prospects, including two Diamondbacks - #1 prospect Archie Bradley and potential Rule 5 target Tom Belza of Mobile.

Diamondbacks' Bargains Reveal Phoenix's Low Affluence

The Diamondbacks might have the best deal for attending a game in all of baseball, but why is that, and what is really depressing the revenue?

Around MLB

Adam Wainwright: I Didn't Groove One

Adam Wainwright has come out to defend comments he made about pitching to Derek Jeter in his farewell All-star Game.

CBS Gaffes Jeter Farewell

Apparently even some folks over at CBS are getting tired of hearing about Derek Jeter, either that or someone just made a seriously funny mistake on a very big stage.

Selig: Rose Could have Role in 2015 ASG

Despite his lifetime ban from the game, which included not being permitted to attend the ceremony that named him among the 50 all-time greats of the game, Pete Rose may be part of the festivities for the 2015 ASG in Cincinnati.

A's to Re-examine Building New Park in Oakland

The Oakland A's are on the verge of locking in to a new 10-year lease on their current, dilapidated stadium, the Coliseum in Oakland which they share with the Raiders. Another distinct possibility is that the team could move, San Jose, San Antonio, and Montreal remain possible options.