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The Week In Diamondback Tweets

It was probably a week we'll want to forget, more than one we'll want to remember. Fortunately, the Twttier is here, to make sure that doesn't happen.

Cool shot of AT&T Park tonight from a #Dbacks in attendance. Via @jakemroczka
Cool shot of AT&T Park tonight from a #Dbacks in attendance. Via @jakemroczka
@Jared_Sports360, via Twitter

Tweet of the Week

For this was the week where, it seems, even the Diamondbacks' official Twitter account was reduced to spluttering terseness by the indignities heaped on long-suffering fans this season:

I'm sure we need no reminder of what triggered this outburst, but for the benefit of any future readers digging up this historical time-capsule, it was in reaction to a grand-slam hit by the opposing pitcher, the second granny of the game.

Honorable mentions

The Games in Diamondback Tweets

Diamondbacks 1, Marlins 2

Diamondbacks 4, Marlins 3

Unfortunately, ze Germans had other ideas...

Diamondbacks 0, Giants 5

[Insert obvious comment here]

Diamondbacks 2, Giants 0

Diamondbacks 4, Giants 8

The Week in McCarthy Tweets

How is life going for our favorite acerbic pitcher? Has moving to the Big Apple mellowed him in any way?

Fat chance, I'm pleased to say...