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SnakeBytes, 7/15: Cespedes HR Barbeque

Yoenis Cespedes became the first repeat winner of the All-Star Home Run Derby in 15 years at Target Field, going back-to-backbackbackbackbackbackbackbackbackbackbackback...

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Team news

[Star Tribune] Goldschmidt doesn't seek praise, but opposing pitchers pile it on - Ask Paul Goldschmidt why he’s one of baseball’s best hitters and you’ll be waiting awhile. Simply talking about himself, in fact, seems to make the unassuming Arizona Diamondbacks first baseman uncomfortable. Goldschmidt seems unable to comprehend that others would be discussing him. Instead, he’s thinking of what he can learn from the rest of the All-Star field. Last year, his favorite part of the All-Star events was getting to pick the brains of other baseball standouts, he said.

[] Paul Goldschmidt, Miguel Montero proud to represent D-backs - "It's always exciting, and it's a blessing for me to be able to go to an All-Star Game and to stay healthy so far this year and to be able to do what I'm doing so far," Montero said. "So hopefully it keeps going, getting better. I've never stopped working, you know? Even last year, I worked very hard toward a good season and it didn't happen."

[ArizonaSports] Goldschmidt, Montero in rare company as multiple-time D-backs representatives - When Paul Goldschmidt and Miguel Montero suit up for Tuesday night's Midsummer Classic in Minneapolis, they'll join rare company among Arizona Diamondbacks players. Only six before them have ever suited for multiple All-Star games as Diamondbacks. And the list is pretty star-studded.

[FOX Sports] Trumbo assesses his health after one series - After Sunday's game, Trumbo gave FOX Sports Arizona's Jody Jackson an assessment of his health after three games and heading into the All-Star break.

[MILB] Dykstra Crowned Triple-A Home Run Derby Champ - Reno's Mike Jacobs failed to repeat the success of last year's champion, Matt Davidson, pulling a Puig and being eliminated in the first round without hitting a ball out. Las Vegas' Allan Dykstra defeated Omaha's Francisco Pena in the final on Monday night at Durham Bulls Athletic Park after Pena went homerless in the final round.

[CNN] Health Minute - Pitcher Injuries - Never has the phrase "Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)" been more appropriate. Still, I think we have our new nickname for Bronson.

At the All-Star Game

[ESPN] Yoenis Cespedes defends Derby title - "I'm somebody who's very conscious of the power that I have. So I don't need to put more of a swing or more of an effort in order to hit a home run. I just have to look for a good pitch and put a good swing on it, and it usually takes care of it." Cespedes saved his best for last, a 452-foot blast to the third deck above left field that officially measured as the longest shot of the night.

[] Dodgers' Yasiel Puig gets shut out in Home Run Derby debut Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. "I'm sorry I didn't give a better show," he said. "I thank [the fans] for voting for me." Puig's shutout was the first of its kind since Seattle's Robinson Cano did it in 2012. In a strange twist, Puig chose Cano's father, Jose, to throw to him on Monday night.

[Washington Post] Giancarlo Stanton’s mammoth home run livens otherwise listless Home Run Derby - The thing was endless. There were brackets this year. There was something called a FlexBall. There was a swing-off. There was another swing-off. Again: Doesn’t matter. By all rights, it should have been terrible. For a while it was. And then Stanton happened. [Relevant video is relevant]

And, elsewhere...

[FOX Sports] No fence can hold 'em: Top 5 Home Run Derby moments of all-time - There have many memorable Home Run Derby moments since the first one at the Metrodome in 1985. But for all these times when our collective jaws hit the ground in amazement, there are some that stand out above the rest. Let's look back at five in particular that we won't forget any time soon.

[] 9 ways to improve the Home Run Derby - "Some of them are more serious than others, but all of them would be improvements." I agree. I particularly liked the idea of casual wagers: "You'll hate-watch the final round of the Derby because you want to see who wins. But you would throw a Derby party at your house if the losing player left the field with one eyebrow shaved off. Different sponsors would get to come up with different humiliating wagers. Gillette takes away an eyebrow, Taco Bell forces the loser to eat one soft taco, et cetera."

[] Agent Casey Close: Houston Astros not following draft signing rules - Close said that the Astros are using a medical concern about Aiken's left arm to pressure him into accepting a lower bonus so that they can sign two of their other draft picks, Jacob Nix and Mac Marshall. The Astros believe that Aiken’s physical revealed a "significant abnormality" in his left elbow. Close denies that Aiken has any arm troubles, and said he threw 97 mph in his final start before the draft.

Elsewhere in Astros news, a fan of their minor-league affiliate in Corpus Christi is accused of charging the mound at Whataburger Field. The game between the Corpus Christi Hooks and the Midland Rockhounds was in the bottom of the 5th when a Hooks batter was hit in the leg with a pitch. Witnesses say 35-year-old Nikolas Swope ran onto the diamond ready to punch the pitcher. He's now facing a charge of criminal trespassing and is accused of threatening assault. Police say Swope was under the influence of alcohol. This is my unsurprised face.

[MLB] 'I'm excited I was a part of it': Rays dugout astounded by miracle of water bottle physics - "You don't see that every day, and I'm excited I was a part of it," said Rays outfielder David DeJesus, in reference to the same event that Wil Myers called the number one highlight of his career. Maybe they were reminiscing about Myers' award-winning rookie season? Or the Rays clinching a wild card berth in the 2013 postseason?