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Home-run Derby Gameday Thread

The home-run derby will be starting around 5pm. Well, 5pm-ish. Very "ish". Here are the details and participants this year. Take a drink every time Chris Berman says "Back". We are not responsible for any resulting liver transplants.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The rules

It's a different format this year. In the first round, the five American League and five National League participants start off in the first round by each going up, alternating between the leagues - in all the rounds this year, hitters get seven outs apiece. The hitters from each league with the most home-runs move on to the semi-finals. In the second round, the second- and third-placed hitters for each league face off against each other. The winner goes on to the semi-final, to face the top hitter from their league, as decided in the first round. The winner of each league will then face off in the final, so we are guaranteed an AL vs. NL match-up. Any ties are decided by a three-swing shootout, extended as necessary to single swings.

The participants

American League
Team HRs
Jose Bautista Toronto Blue Jays 17
Yoenis Cespedes Oakland Athletics 14
Adam Jones Baltimore Orioles 16
Brian Dozier Minnesota Twins 16
Josh Donaldson Oakland Athletics 20
National League
Team HRs
Troy Tulowitzki Colorado Rockies 20
Yasiel Puig Los Angeles Dodgers 12
Giancarlo Stanton Miami Marlins 21
Todd Frazier Cincinnati Reds 17
Justin Morneau Colorado Rockies 13