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Diamondbacks 0, Giants 5: Beercap of Unending Tommy John

Will any of our pitchers survive this nightmare?!??!?!

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports


nom nom nom nom nom

Beer 1:  Modus Hopperandi by Ska Brewing
  • Hopheads gonna be hopheads.  I think this is the best canned IPA on the market (that doesn't cost $10.50 a 6pack by Ballast Point).  Just well balanced with a great flowery/citrusy aroma.  Nice way to kick things off after a long week at work
  • Today I'm watching this game at Chop and Wok, which is also where I wrote a Fang Food article many moons ago.  Weird punk rock-skater-chinese restaurant, but damned if their chinese food isn't some of the best in town.
  • Well Trumbomb is back today, which during any halfway decent season might be a very positive thing, but as this season is a legendary failure...............
  • At least our good buddy Timmeh is pitching.  I swear, we must have some really good dirt on him to own him so thoroughly.
  • Hill somehow strikes out against Timmeh, something I very much doubt will be repeated.
  • Goldy smiles as he approaches, a wicked smile of someone who already knows the outcome of events to come........
  • ......apparently Goldy didn't get the memo that he's facing Timmeh and flies out.  1-2-3 go the Dbacks
  • Panda, that damned Panda. On my first beer still and he’s already ruined my night. 0-2 SF
  • Well, not too hot a start to the game. God how I love our pitching.  By love I mean hate.


Pictured:  the closest example to our pitching

Beer 2: Praying Monk Belgium IPA by Old World Brewing
  • I hope I don’t come to regret this beer like I have this season. Olde World has a very very very bad reputation among craft beer dinkers, but a friend of mine urged me to give it a try again.
  • Yup, I regret this order. Reminds me of a Fat Tire pale ale, but slightly more tart and with no hop aroma or flavor. This is not a Belgium IPA. At all.
  • Well at least Timmeh wont have a no-no. 0-2 Dbacks after 1.5.
  • 0-3 now. My kingdom for some starting pitching!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 0-4….on a squeeze play…this bar may not have enough beer.
  • Local at the bar has just put together the deepest 80’s playlist I’ve ever heard. I’m talking "Dancing on the Ceiling" "Eyes Without a Face" kind of deep here.
  • All smiles from Timmeh as he fails at life, but still gets the out. Still 0-4 after 3.5.


Beer 3: NCA Ale by Barrio Brewing
  • I used to poopoo this brewery in Tucson, but in this last year I’ve really warmed up to it. Great American Strong Ale: big malt up front with hints of dates and nice hop bite at the end. Love it
  • Hate this game though. Morse challenges the Parrazooka after what usually would be an easy off the left field wall double and still barely gets in. Damn that Parra has rail gun for an arm!
  • Top of the 4th and Goldy has a chance to redeem himself.
  • Kinda does with a walk, and then gets thrown out. Redemption meter still reading zero.
  • Miggy though does redeem himself by chugging out a double. And I do mean chugging. Running is not his strong suit.
  • Trumbomb, our hero, fails to bring hope to another hopeless inning. A majestic long out though.
  • Sexy double play to end the 4th. Timmeh as the hit part of a hit-and-run didn’t work too well and with that Monte easy threw out the runner.
  • Deep 80’s tracks still lingers as does this awful game.
  • Surely Didi can save us from this game? Nope. 0-4 after 4.5
  • Bottom of the 5th. Runners on the corners and no out. I really wonder just how much better this team would be with three sub 4ERA pitchers. To dream……
  • 0-5 Panda again crushes all hope with his rotund self.


Panda is more......shapes

Beer (kinda) 4: Stella Cidre
  • When it’s nice and hot (and this bar is hot) a cider is a winning thing.
  • Winning though is foreign to this ball club as they get out of the 5th only giving up 1 run.
  • 6th time at bat for the Dbacks with the same results. I’m happy to say that this season has been so bad that my recaps can’t possibly be responsible.
  • Amazing pla…….Prado F’s up a pretty routine play at 3rd. Timmeh safe at 1st.
  • Prado almost fails at life twice in a row, but recovers….by the grace of God. After 6 still 0-5


Beer 5: Hop Nosh by Uinta Brewing (From Utah)
  • Yes I know "Utah makes beer!??!?!?!?" They do indeed and some of their breweries are pretty good, this most certainly being one of those. 
  • Missed the 7th as I went back home, but I've not missed much.  0-5 after 8.5 innings.
  • Well I can at least hope that we get something good back from some impending trade that is surely on the horizon.  Giants win 5 to nada.