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USA vs. Belgium Gameday Thread

The round of 16 comes to an end today in Brazil, and it sees Team USA take on Belgium, with the winners going on to face the winner of the Argentina/Switzerland game, currently in progress at the time of writing.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Technically, I'm a neutral, my main rooting interest having ended with the departure of England - that was a bit like the MLB playoffs last year, where I was rooting for "whoever was playing the Dodgers". Yes, I now live in America, have done for the past 13 years, am married to an American and interact with you people, practically on an everyday basis. But Belgium is responsible for Stella Artois, the Lords of Acid and Rabid Grannies, all of which have to be considered powerful points in their favor. And maybe French Fries as well, though in the interests of international diplomacy, I'm not going there.

The above paragraph is about as close as you're going to get for in-depth analysis of the game. Sorry.

Unlike the Portugal game, we won't be going anywhere particularly special for this one, but I will be at home on the couch, eating French fries and apple pie, while alternating between Stellas and Sam Adams, safe in the knowledge that there will be at least one somewhat likeable team in the next round. Man, I hope the FBI don't read this and bring it up come next time my green card needs renewing: "Can you explain why you are on record referring to the United States as "somewhat likeable", Mr. McLennan."

Go, USA....