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SnakeBytes, 7/1: A new month dawns

A very light day in terms of Diamondbacks news, so this will be a more broad-ranging edition of SnakeBytes than is usually the case.

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Everyday catchers, seen from an unusual angle, #1: Miguel Montero
Everyday catchers, seen from an unusual angle, #1: Miguel Montero
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports
Team news

[] Towers expects to be active at Trade Deadline - "We're not payroll dumping, we're looking to get good players back," Towers said. "It would be nice to be able to save some payroll and get good players back. I know how Ken and Derrick are and they are always going to lean towards getting the better players instead of trying to save money."

[AZ Central] For Anderson, small ritual has big meaning - The home crowd cheers as Chase Anderson is just moments away from throwing the first pitch in a recent game against the Milwaukee Brewers. Anderson stands behind the mound, eyes closed, preparing. He opens his eyes, hops to the back of the mound and scribbles his finger through the dirt. Few may have noticed Anderson's routine, but he's paying tribute to one of the more influential people in his life: his dad.

[OregonLive Hillsboro Hops starter, Anderson Placido released after stealing from teammate during game - Reigning Northwest League pitcher of the week and Hillsboro Hops player Anderson Placido has been released from the Arizona Diamondbacks organization after being accused of stealing from a teammate during the Hops' 3-1 road victory over the Boise Hawks on Saturday. A search of Placido's belongings led to the discovery of the missing items, and House called the Diamondbacks front office to report the situation. "We always call the organization when things like that happen," House said. "They tell me what to do." [Mentioned in yesterday's comments]

[] #DBACKSSOCIAL Speakeasy To Take Place At Chase Field On August 29 - The Arizona Diamondbacks announced their first-ever #DbacksSocial Speakeasy, to be held on Aug. 29 at the Coors Light Strike Zone at Chase Field. All fans in attendance at the #DbacksSocial Media Night game that evening will be eligible to stop by the newly-designed bar but will be required to follow specific instructions from the team's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or newly launched Snapchat account to gain entrance

[Beyond the Box Score] Baseball's best first basemen - If value is a criteria, then Goldschmidt is the best, delivering $16 million in value for just over $500,000 in salary. He's already working on a restructured deal that pays him through 2018 with a team option for 2019, but if he continues to produce like he has, that deal will be re-negotiated. The question Goldschmidt will have to ask himself at some point is whether he believes the Diamondbacks are headed in the right direction.

And, elsewhere

[Awful Announcing] Rethinking baseball on national television - It’s time to give up the MLB Game of the Week on Saturdays. I know, I know. It’s tradition. But realistically, the tradition is from generations past, who celebrated their lone chance to see baseball on national television, and then in the 80s, when Vin Scully was calling the games. Does anyone feel any particular, special attachment to a nationally televised game on Saturday, be it afternoon or night? I can’t think of anyone who mentions it in the same vein as Sunday Night Football or even Sunday Night Baseball. Honestly, right now, as a brand it’s probably closer to NBCSN’s Wednesday Night Rivalry.

[USA Today] Manny Ramirez passes first test to repair baseball life - What will the 42-year-old, suddenly the most prominent minor-league player in America, say to the Javier Baez, Kris Bryant and Arismendy Alcantara – the young Chicago Cubs prospects he's meant to mentor? Success or failure as a coach and part-time player for the Iowa Cubs will be determined over time and out of the glow of television cameras, rather than a 15-minute corner of a rain-soaked afternoon at the tail end of June. "I could sit here and say whatever I want, but I've got to go out there and live it," he said.

[] LA Dodgers Hot Foot Prank -- Fire Department RIPS Baseball Team - Oh, those Dodgers... "The L.A. City Fire Dept. isn't laughing at the L.A. Dodgers hot foot prank -- telling TMZ Sports playing with fire is NOT a joke ... it's dangerous. The "hot foot" all went down at Dodgers Stadium over the weekend -- when pitcher Josh Beckett snuck a lit cigarette wrapped in matches on the back of teammate Scott Van Slyke's cleat. Captain Jaime Moore from the L.A. City Fire Dept. tells us, "These guys are supposed to be role models and playing with fire is not a joke."

[Forbes] Buyer Beware: How To Spot Baseball Autograph Forgeries - At the opening of baseball’s Hall of Fame in 1939 a joke circulated that the rarest thing was a baseball "not signed by Babe Ruth." For much of his life the Bambino was asked to sign "bizarre items," including bowling pins, cricket bats, and a shoe for a broadcaster. A favorite oddity regards Jackie Robinson. In a show of support for Richard Nixon’s presidential bid in 1960, he signed baseballs "Vote for Nixon," which are highly collectible.

[ESPN] Minor league players sue MLB for fair pay - Earlier this year, a group of former players sued MLB, accusing the teams of paying workers less than minimum wage. While big leaguers made an average of $3.4 million last year, most minor leaguers earn between $3,000 and $7,500 a season, according to the lawsuit. Adjusting for inflation, the plaintiffs allege, their wages have declined since the 1970s. The lawsuit asks for back pay, damages and an injunction that would change baseball's pay practices.

The Padres offense completed June by being one-hit by the Reds - through they still actually won last night, 1-0. How bad were they in June? They collectively hit .171 in over 900 PAs, easily the worst mark in recorded history for any team in any calendar month. Only one non-pitcher has ever had a career of that length, with a lower average: Bill Bergen, who hit .170 from 1901-1911. H/T SweetSpot Blog - ESPN

And, finally...

[Amazin' Avenue] Bobby Bonilla Day and I'm Already Sick of It So I Wrote a Frozen Parody - July 1st is the day the Mets pay Bobby Bonilla $1.2 million. They will continue to do so every year through 2035. Sing along if you'd like!