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Diamondbacks pick OF Marcus Wilson and SS Isan Diaz

Completing the first day of action, with back-to-back picks at #69 and #70 in the competitive balance bonus round, the Diamondbacks selected two more high-schoolers: Marcus Wilson, OF, from Gardena, CA, and Isan Diaz, out of Springfield, MA

As recently as last month, Wilson was projected as a first-round pick, so it's a bit of a surprise to see him still on the board for our 69th pick. BaseballDraftReport wrote in March, "Marcus Wilson’s eye-opening skills (his tools are awesome, obviously, but he was much, much further along as a ballplayer than I was led to believe prior to seeing him live) made me a believer over time." offers this scouting report:

Diaz is - here's a shocker - committed to Vanderbilt, the third of four picks to have gone that route. There's a good, article on ESPN, which speaks in glowing terms of his talent. "Everyone knew Diaz could hit, but early in his Central career his defensive skills were lacking. Both Donato and Hall worked exclusively on improving his footwork, balance, throwing skills and other intangibles in an effort to eliminate bad habits. Because of that, Diaz has emerged into a first-rate defensive specialist." It adds, "Asked what it would take for him to hold onto his scholarship and play at Vanderbilt, Diaz says he would most likely go that route if he is not selected in the first five rounds."