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2014 MLB Draft: Day one open thread

The 2014 MLB Draft gets under way in New Jersey this afternoon. Here's an open thread to discuss all the picks - we'll have a separate one to cover the Diamondbacks' four choices tonight.

Inside the #Dbacks draft room at @SaltRiverFields. One hour until the 2014 #MLBDraft begins.
Inside the #Dbacks draft room at @SaltRiverFields. One hour until the 2014 #MLBDraft begins.
@dbacks, via Twitter

MLB Network will air full coverage of the draft beginning at 3:00 p.m. Arizona time. The D-backs are being represented at MLB Network's Studio 42 in Secaucus, New Jersey by D-backs' Special Assistants to the President & CEO Luis Gonzalez and Roland Hemond. The draft itself will get under way at 4:00 p.m, and our first pick will be the 16th to be made. ETA on that is just before 5:30 p.m, depending on how quickly the fifteen teams ahead of Arizona make their choices, of course.

A #16 pick might not seem much to get excited about, but there have been decent players to come out of that spot in the past. Almost two-thirds of the 49 prospects chosen there reach the major leagues, with an average production from the 32 of 8.8 bWAR. Leading the way, at over 50 WAR, is Lance Berkman, picked here by the Astros in 1997. Others selected in this slot include Shawn Green (1991), Jason Jennings (1999), Nick Swisher (2002) and, most recently, Brett Lawrie (2008). D-backs' "manager" Wally Backman was also a #16. Though as a counterpoint, last time we had the spot, in 2009, it gave us Bobby Borchering, currently hitting .238 at  High-A for Houston.

The first two rounds, plus the various compensatory picks, will take place today, making 74 picks in all. The Diamondbacks' second-round pick (13th there, #54 overall) will be due at about 7:45 p.m, and will be followed in relatively short order by our two choices in the Competitive Balance round, #69 (from San Diego, as part of the Ian Kennedy trade) and #70, around 25 minutes later - things speed up considerably once you get past the first round! We'll have a quick post up for each as soon as possible, and will bulk it out with analysis as we find it; please feel free to post links, videos, etc. here, for inclusion.