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Snake Bytes 6/5: Only at Coors

Only at Coors does a team's pitching put up a -57.5% WPA and still win 16-8.

Dustin Bradford

Quick Quotes

"We learned that this is a baseball field where you never know."

-Martin Prado

"You never really have enough runs in this ballpark."

-Kirk Gibson

"I told Henry in batting practice, 'Man, when am I going to get one of those crazy days where you get six, seven RBIs?'"

-Miguel Montero

Daily Digest

Diamondbacks Triumph in "Typical" Coors Field Game

Up four runs after four innings, things were looking good for the Diamondbacks. Down three runs after seven innings, it looked like the Diamondbacks were on their way to another game indicative of the 2014 team. Then the eighth and ninth innings happened. Two inning, eleven runs, and the Diamondbacks finished the night with a 16-8 victory.

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Diamondbacks Focused on Talent

The word is that the Diamondbacks will take the best talent still available with their picks in the draft rather than allowing need to define the picks.

Related: Kevin Towers discusses draft strategy with Doug and Wolf. (Audio link)

Time to Sell

ESPN's Jayson Stark visits with Bickley and Marotta, during which he points out the reasons the Diamondbacks should be aggressive sellers and discusses some talents that should be moved. (Audio available)

Tony La Russa on a Mission

Tim Kurkjian discusses what amounts to a philosophical war between La Russa and the rest of baseball, and how the Diamondbacks are the benefactors of his personal mission to prove a point.

Around MLB

Baseball Icon Don Zimmer Passes Away at 83

The baseball world mourned the passing of baseball legend Don Zimmer on Wednesday night. Zimmer spent 66 years in major league baseball.

Mocking the First Round

MLB's Jonathan Mayo takes a stab at what the first round of today's draft might look like and why.

The Month's Wildest Pitches

Because horrifically bad pitches (especially with commentary) are simply funny.