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Guest recappers for July: sign-ups open

Into the second half of the season, and the All-Star break is almost upon us. Who wants to recap one of this month's games?

Manuel Compañy [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Usual blurb. The principal is fairly simple. You do the recap of the game as a Fanpost, however you want. It can be light-hearted or not; stats-heavy or not. detailed or atmospheric - it's all about your own voice. One of the editors then takes it, adds the bells and whistles like roll-calls and Fangraphs and it will then appear on the front cover of the SnakePit. It'll also be submitted to Google News, Yahoo! and a bunch of other outlets, so you can amaze your friends and wow your family! We'll be on hand to help if you have questions on the day.

A nice consistent slate of games for June, with all five starting at a respectable 1:10pm, so no need for any early rising! It's open sign-up, first come, first served: to pick a date, just speak up in the comments, choosing your game. As I spot them, I'll cross the games off the list. You'll then get an email, a day or so before, with details. If you haven't done it before - you need to reply at that point, confirming you're still up for it. I tend to have more faith in repeat recappers!

  • Sunday, July 6, @ ATL: 10:35am - I did that one myself, dammit. :)
  • Sunday, July 13, @ SFG: 1:05pm - azshadowwalker
  • Sunday, July 20, vs. CHC: 1:10pm - freeland1787
  • Sunday, July 27, @ PHO: 10:35am - Angry_Saguaro