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Diamondbacks 4, Rockies 2

Tonight, a baseball game was played by the Arizona Diamondbacks in which Paul Goldschmidt did not start. Furthermore, the Diamondbacks actually won. I know, it's shocking, and yet, it's totally true! Most of the thanks has to go to the pitching staff tonight. Chase Anderson went six innings, gave up four hits, and only one run at Coors Field. I'd take that from any pitcher, much less a rookie. Then, Even Marshall, Brad Ziegler, and Addison Reed combined to finish the game off, and keep the Rockies at bay. Not really what you ever expect from your pitching staff against the Rockies in Colorado, but I'll take it in a heartbeat.

A lot, or at least a fair amount, was made about Goldschmidt getting the day off against a lefty at Coors, but the rest of the offense more than compensated for our missing first basemen. Nine hits on the night, four runs, and two homeruns, courtesy of Not-Goldschmidt Nick Evans and Chris Owings going back-to-back to lead off the fourth inning and put the Dbacks on the board. Geraldo Parra also got an RBI that inning, and Owings got another with a double in the eighth.

Also of note, Carlos Gonzalez was removed from the game in the sixth inning. Over on the radio, Schulte said that it was becasue of his left index finger, though that may just have been speculation, as I can't find anything official on the interwebz. Full recap to follow!