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SnakeBytes 6/27: Regroup and Rearm

The halfway point has come and gone, and the D-backs will continue to look for answers during this terrible season. They start a series in San Diego tonight at 7 looking to start the 2nd half refreshed.

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Let's try one of those fancy "handshakes" the kids are always doing Miggy
Let's try one of those fancy "handshakes" the kids are always doing Miggy
Norm Hall


"I really shouldn't put that burden on myself," he said. "It's a thing you tend to do because, yeah, I want to be there for my teammates, but I haven't had any consistency. I've had a couple good games, then a bad one. A couple good games, then a bad one. I've just got to go out and pitch when it's my turn to pitch and not worry about anything else. Just pitch, that's it.

"I've got to learn to leave all the other stuff behind, whether we're struggling and lost three in a row or whatever, and don't try and say, 'Hey, I've got to try and pull us out of this.' You get caught up in trying to be the guy that turns everything around and you just create more struggles for yourself and for everyone, really, for the whole team, because it's tough to pitch with pressure like that."

- Wade Miley, on the pressures of trying to replace Patrick Corbin's performace

Daily D-backs

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Grayson Price missed the D-backs' home opener while recovering from surgery after it was discovered that he had a brain tumor. The club invited the 9-year-old and his family to the game on May 17, and they got to meet Paul Goldschmidt, who asked Grayson and his brother to rub his bat for good luck. The slugger went on to hit two homers that night.

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As if he didn't already have enough on his mind, Wade Miley must have felt like he was getting pulled in a million different directions. It was Wednesday and the Diamondbacks left-hander was still reeling from Tuesday's start against the visiting Cleveland Indians in which he lasted just four innings and was pummeled for five runs on eight hits and a couple of walks.

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