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Snake Bytes 6/26 Half-Way There

The Diamondbacks closed out their first 81 games of the season with a 6-1 loss at home to Cleveland.

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J. Meric

Quick Quotes

"I felt good, just too many runs," Anderson said. "Two home runs, and then the two other runs -- you got to limit the damage, which I thought I did inning-to-inning, but overall probably not the best outing I've had."

-Chase Anderson

"Hard to get anything going on [Kluber]," Gibson said. "We had a chance in the first inning, and we didn't get it done. Just couldn't match them tonight."

-Kirk Gibson

"They played the same time; they played the same game. They played 14 innings as well."

-Miguel Montero

Daily Digest

Diamondbacks Drop Final Game of First Half to Cleveland

The Diamondbacks looked flat from the outset as they took the field following Tuesday night's record-tying game. Chase Anderson struggled through 5 innings and the Diamondbacks were unable to get anything going against Kluber as Indians took the game 6-1. The Diamondbacks reach the 81-game mark with a record of 33-48.

Tuesday's Hangover Forces Roster Moves

Going 22 men deep into the bench on Tuesday night created some problems for the Diamondbacks for Wednesday night's game. In response, Jordan Pacheco was moved from unavailable to the 15-day DL to make room for a one-day appearance by Zeke Spruill.

Inciarte Warming to Leadoff Role

With the loss of A.J. Pollock, Ender inciarte is getting more playing time. Now he's seeing time in the leadoff spot as well, and he seems to like it there. With Pollock out for at least another 6 weeks, he's certainly going to get the chance to show what he can do there.

Around MLB

Lincecum No-Hits Padres (Again)

Every once in a while Tim Lincecum seems to feel the need to remind the world that he was once the best pitcher in baseball. Unfortunately for the Sn Diego Padres, he likes to use them as his punching bag.

Curt Schilling Announces Cancer in Remission

Former Diamondbacks World Series star Curt Schilling announced yesterday that his cancer remission clock has officially started.

Astros Lose Top Prospect to Broken Leg

It seems like injuries due to poor slides into bases are contagious and spilling into the minors.

Expected Run Differential

With the halfway mark upon the season Fangraphs looks at the expected and projected run differentials and records for every team in baseball.

First Half Home Run Highlights

A post filled with gifs that highlight various "best" home runs.