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Opening call for SnakePitFest

It's time to put the wheels in motion for SnakePitFest 2014. Since it's an off-day, now seems as good a time as any.

August 23-24 vs. Padres? Or July 19-20 vs. Cubs? These are provisional suggestion for the weekend, offering plenty of time for planning, a likely light demand for tickets and it appears, some out of town visitors in Phoenix. But other home weekend series the rest of the way are:

[Man, I get the feeling second half attendance is going to blow chunks, with a heavy schedule of weekends likely featuring entirely meaningless games against other sub-.500 teams.]

Saturday or Sunday? It doesn't make any real difference to me, since I'm now working both days, and just need to schedule time off. So, speak up in the comments if you have a preference for one or the other, and whichever gets the most support will probably be selected.

You will be buying your own tickets, to keep things simple. Once the date is fixed, I'll find a section with a good bit of space, and buy two tickets in the middle for myself and Mrs. SnakePit. I'll report their location, and you are then able to buy as many seats as you need in the same vicinity. Whether you want to sit next to us or not, will be entirely up to you. :)

There will be a pre-game meet-up. Probably at the Rose and Crown, which seems to work pretty well in terms of combining a decent beer selection, edible food, and service times not measured in geological epochs. Alternative suggestions are, however, welcome. Time to be announced, depending on game start, but we usually get there a good 2-3 hours before game time.

Other comments, suggestions, etc. are welcome.