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Diamondbacks 9, Indians 8

Wade Miley really tried to lose this game for the Diamondbacks. He only managed to go four plus innings, but in those four plus innings, he gave up five runs, four earned, on eight hits and two walks. With a start like that, I think you can forgive some fatalism in the ranks of the GameDay Thread, but it was unwarranted. The offense stuck with it, and battled back to eventually take the lead from the Indians, despite Cleveland leading 4-1 at one point.

The Dbacks also got a huge assist early on from most of the bullpen. Joe Thatcher especially helped to keep them in the game, by coming in for a bases-loaded, no outs situation in the fifth and not letting a single run score. Oliver Perez kept the Indians scoreless for 1.2 innings, while Evan Marshall and Zielger combined for 1.1 scoreless innings. In the ninth, though, Addison Reed sucked. He gave up the tying run in the form of an RBI single to Yan Gomes and the two teams went to extras. And what a set of extra innings it was! Randall Delgado gave up a two-run home run in the top of the 11th, but the Diamondbacks tied it sending it to the 12th. The 12th, 13th, and top of the 14th had no scoring, but Aaron Hill walked it off in the bottom of the 14th to win the Dbacks the game, 9-8. Full recap to follow