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Diamondbacks 9 , Indians 8: There ain't no such thing as free baseball...

There is an economic principal very scientifically known as "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch". Once again, this was proven tonight by "free" baseball costing us a ninth inning lead. And sleep. It cost a lot of sleep.

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Record: 32-48 On Pace: 65-97 Change On 2013: -10

The early innings of this game did not inspire much confidence tonight. Sure, Wade Miley started off by getting a 1-2-3 first, and a Miguel Montero RBI double in the bottom of the first aided the illusion of a nice, easy night for the Diamondbacks, but then the second inning happened. The first four Indians reached in that inning, the first on the walk, then the next three on a Jason Kipnis single, a Yan Gomes single, and a Lonnie Chisenhall triple. That was followed up sac fly, to make the score 4-1 in favor of the Indians, and it was only the middle of the second.

Not fazed, though, the Dbacks kept battling back. In the bottom of the second, David Inciarte brought home David Peralta on a single, making the score 4-2 Indians. So of course Miley gave up another run in the top of the third to make the score 5-2.

Miley kept the Indians quiet in the third and fourth innings, not allowing the Indians to score a run. However, the Dbacks did score two runs of their own in the bottom of the fourth. It started off inauspiciously enough, with Didi Gregorius grounding out to first base. However, Wade Miley walked, Inciarte singled him to second, and Geraldo Parra loaded the bases with a single. Paul Goldschmidt then hit into a force out to get an RBI, and Miguel Montero hit an RBI single. 5-3 Indians.

The fifth inning marked the end of the road for Miley. He let the first three Indians load the bases, and so Gibson pulled him in favor of Joe Thatcher. Thatcher then sat down the next three batters in a row to end the inning and escape the threat.

In the bottom of the fifth, Martin Prado lead the inning off with a walk. David Peralta sent him to third on a single. Gregorius laid down what sounded like a perfect squeeze bunt to score Prado and tie up the game at five. But wait the Dbacks weren't done yet! In the sixth, they took the lead thanks to an Aaron Hill single to bring home Parra. 6-5 in favor of the Dbacks.

And it stayed that way until the ninth, with Oliver Perez, Evan Marshall, and Brad Ziegler shutting down the 6th, 7th, and 8th innings. Addison Reed came in to close it out in the ninth... and gave up the tying run. Here's how it happened. Asdrubal Cabrera walked to lead the inning off. Then, with one out, Carlos Santana also walked. Jason Kipnis struck out for the second out of the inning. Then Yan Gomes hit a single to bring home Cabrera, and the game was tied. That was all Reed gave up, but it was enough to send us to extra innings.

It stayed quiet until the 11th inning, then things started going crazy. Randall Delgado was in to pitch at this point. He got the first out by getting Asdrubal Cabrera to ground out to Goldschmidt on the first pitch of the inning. Then he walked Michael Brantley. And then he gave up a two-run home run to Carlos Santana. 8-6 Indians in the top of the 11th.

If you think that this is the end for the home team, no one would blame you. Probably a lot of people left the ball park at this point too. You, however, would be wrong. The offense really did not want to lose tonight. With one out in the bottom of the 11th, Peralta hit a solo shot to bring the Dbacks within one run. Didi walked. Tuffy Gosewhich, pinch hitting for Delgado, hit a single, all of this with one out and facing Bryan Shaw. At this point, John Axford comes in to try and get the save. He is promptly greeted by Inciarte hitting an RBI single, scoring Didi and moving Tuffy to third. Then things just get weird. Axford gets to two balls on Geraldo Parra, and then intentionally walks him to get to Goldschmidt. Probably the right move technically, but still different. It gets better. Goldschmidt strikes out with the bases loaded. And then Montero does as well. Montero wasn't that shocking, really, but at this point, I, at least, expect much more from Goldschmidt, but alas, it didn't happen tonight. Tied at 8, going into the 12th inning.

The 12th inning was quiet ultimately uneventful. So was the 13th. Both were pitched by Matt Stites. Josh Collmenter came in and pitched the top of the 14th, and got out of it without giving up any runs either. We head to the bottom of the 14th inning.

Parra got things started the right way by getting a single. He then took second on on a successful steal, but may have jammed his finger sliding into the base. No updates on that at time of post. Paul Goldschmidt again failed to win us the game. Montero was intentionally walked to get to Aaron Hill. Unlike walking Parra to get to Goldschmidt, this didn't work out for the Indians. Hill smashed a single that, if it wasn't a walk off, would have been a double, if not more. Parra scored. The Dbacks win. 9-8 is your final.

Also interesting tonight, the game tied for the longest game ever (by time) in Chase Field history at 5:32. Geraldo Parra hit a career-high five hits, and Aaron Hill's walk off tonight was his eighth since '09, tying him for the most in the Majors, according to ESPN, and h/t GuruB.

Well... hmmmmm. Fangraphs doesn't seem to have updated yet at time of post to include the bottom of the 14th. Maybe once it does, someone can post it in the comments. What I can tell you is that Wade Miley, Paul Goldschmidt, Reed, and Delgado were all sorts of bad, while Inciate, Stites, and Thatcher were pretty amazing out there.

Comment of the night/early morning goes to Clefo...



by Clefo on Jun 24, 2014 | 7:28 PM

You will get no context and like it!

A very busy night/morning for the GDT, unsurprsingly. Five people broke one hundred comments, with Dbacksskins at 311, a rare sight indeed, James Attwood (formerly TolkienBard for those not in the know) at 283, and JoeCB1991 bringing up a distant third with 165. Clefo and I also broke the century mark. All present were:

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Well. That was interesting. Join us in just under 17 1/2 hours at 6:40 Arizona time as we try to conclude this two game series in nine innings.