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SnakePit Fantasy Baseball: Week 12

Waffles lasted no longer on top than anyone else. Every round since week 5 has seen a new leader. Will the Alabama Slammers fare any better?

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Week 12 Results

AZ SnakePit 6, Angry Saguaro 4
SnakePit swept hitting, behind Howard (three HR, nine RBI) and Frasier (two HR, five RBI), despite Angry getting two HR and eight RBI from Infante. They also had Pitcher of the Week Kershaw, with a no-hitter and 15 K, but Roark won twice for AZ, and they edged Saves by one for overall victory.

Gregorius B.I.G. 5, Space Wizard 5
Nothing to separate these two. Space edged hitting, with Trout and Ortiz each homering twice, countering Freeman's seven Runs for Gregorius. But the roles were reversed on the mound, where B.I.G. got three Sv from Jansen and 11 K's by Ross; the Wizards received 14 strikeouts by Hamels.

Sofa King Juiced 3, The Rusty Trumbones 7
Sofa's struggles continue, dropping their third in a row by a total margin of 7-23. Elias gave them two W and 11 K, with Tanaka adding a W and 16 K, but it was all Rusty otherwise. Soriano saved four for them, with Mesoraco hitting three home-runs and Castro adding two bombs plus eight RBI.

MyWieterGetzLongoria 5, Got Grittiness? 3
SB and W ended level, and it was enough for Wieter, who took the other four pitching points, led by Teheran's 16 strikeouts and 12 K's by Price; Uehara vultured two W and a Sv for Got. They also had two HR and seven RBI from Cabrera, but Longoria held on, with Cespedes notching two HR and six driven in.

Mizzoula Osprey 6, Trail-Hitters 4
Encarnacion had four HR and nine RBI to lead the Osprey offense, but Trail batted .294 with Votto scoring and driving each five. Lohse picked up two Wins for the Hitters and Rodriguez saved four, but Ryu got two W and eight K's for Mizzoula before hitting the DL, and Bauer added a W + 11 K.

Trumboner 4, CGS 5
The week's closest came went to CGS, as Runs ended tied at 31. The sides combined for 14 W and 141 K's: pitching standouts were Rodney (three SV) and Ventura (W, 10 K) for Trumboner; Peralta (two W) and Darvish (17 K) for CGS. Hamilton stole six SB for the latter; Davis had nine RBI for Trumboner.

Waffles 0, Alabama Slammers 9
The ESPN Game of the Week was a disaster for leaders Waffles: shut out and within one Sv of being swept. Alabama had Hitter of the Week Ramirez (three HR, 10 RBI, .500), backed by Martinez (two HR, seven R) and Beckett (W, eight K). Waffles were winless; Abreu had two HR and six RBI.

Rank Team W-L-T Pct GB Last Waiver Moves
1 Alabama Slammers 66-47-7 .579 - 9-0-1 7 34
2 The Rusty Trumbones 64-48-8 .567 1.5 7-3-0 6 19
3 Trail-Hitters 61-51-8 .542 4.5 4-6-0 13 29
4 Waffles 58-52-10 .525 6.5 0-9-1 11 23
5 Mizzoula Osprey 58-57-5 .504 9 6-4-0 14 23
6 AZ SnakePit 57-57-6 .500 9.5 6-4-0 3 6
7 CGS 56-58-6 .492 10.5 5-4-1 1 19
Space Wizard 54-56-10 .492 10.5 5-5-0 5 -
Gregorius B.I.G. 55-57-8 .492 10.5 5-5-0 9 13
Trumboner 54-56-10 .492 10.5 4-5-1 4 31
11 Angry Saguaro 54-61-5 .471 13 4-6-0 8 17
12 Got Grittiness? 51-62-7 .454 15 3-5-2 12 5
13 MyWieterGetzLongoria 49-62-9 .446 16 5-3-2 2 14
Sofa King Juiced 50-63-7 .446 16 3-7-0 10 28
Week 13 Games

AZ SnakePit vs. Alabama Slammers
Gregorius B.I.G. vs. Angry Saguaro
Sofa King Juiced vs. Space Wizard
MyWieterGetzLongoria vs. The Rusty Trumbones
Mizzoula Osprey vs. Got Grittiness?
Trumboner vs. Trail-Hitters
Waffles vs. CGS

AZ vs. Alabama is the ESPN Game of the Week, as the latter try to become the first team since Trail-Hitters in weeks 4 + 5 to retain the lead for more than seven days. The SnakePit are led by Giancarlo Stanton, #3 overall, while the Slammers have #2 Troy Tulowitzki, so it could well be offense that determines this one. The Slammers have an 11-1 record in strikeouts, while SnakePit's best is home-runs, where they are 8-3-1.