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Snake Bytes :6/18 Instant Karma Edition

So it seems that hitting Ryan Braun to load the bases in the seventh with only one out and a one run lead was not such a good idea.

Christian Petersen

Quick Quotes

"They beat us again, and that's disappointing."

-Kirk Gibson

"We know the way the game works, I wasn't surprised I got hit; I was surprised I got hit in that situation and circumstances, with the go-ahead run at second base and the tying run at third base, and they were ahead. I was a little surprised by that. But we hit a couple of their guys -- it wasn't intentional, but that's the way the game works sometimes."

-Ryan Braun

"The biggest part today was not hanging that breaking ball. I was locating the fastball and keeping the curveball in the dirt."

-Mike Bolsinger

Daily Digest

Brewers Get Best Of Diamondbacks in Heated Affair

Didi Gregorius was "hit" (we think, but cannot actually confirm) by Kyle Lohse early in the game. Lohse started leaving balls up in the zone somewhere in the fifth inning. Then Chris Owings was hit in the back up around the head later in the game. The ball caromed into his helmet, making a very disgusting sound, but leaving Owngs unhurt. A few high pitches later, Mike Bolsinger had his tower buzzed while trying to bunt. The response to all of this, and to pent-up frustrations in general was that Evan Marshal went out and threw at Ryan Braun - twice. After the first pitch sailed behind Braun, the umpire walked the replacement ball out to Marshal to talk with him. On the next pitch, Marshal hit Braun squarely in the wallet and was tossed. This loaded the bases with a meager one-run lead. Jonathan Lucroy, one of the hottest hitters on the planet this season came up and hit the very next pitch deep into left center for a grand slam.

History and Bad Blood at Work in Brewers/B'backs Outing

The litany of past incidents between the Brewers and Diamondbacks probably starts with how the Diamondbacks were ousted from the 2011 post season. That Ryan Braun was intentionally hit probably surprises no one. What was surprising is how the moment came about.

Milwaukee Responds to Braun/Marshal Incident

It doesn't look like the Brewers are buying that the HBP was accidental either.

D'backs, Towers "Baffled" by Cahill's Struggles

Trevor Cahill's troubles have been an enigma plaguing the Diamondbacks for almost a year and a half now. Now the right-hander is in Reno trying to get right again, but his performance since the demotion has still been erratic. Hopefully 1:1 time with Dave Duncan can do something for the struggling hurler.

Around MLB

Royals Feast on Scherzer, Claim First Place

The Kansas City Royals have been hot of late, winning nine in a row. The Tigers have been awful of late, including the last two games against those same Royal. On Monday night, the Royals abused Tigers ace Justin Verlander. On Tuesday night, they took their shot at reigning Cy Young Award champion Max Scherzer. Scherzer was forced to throw over fifty pitches in the second inning, the worst inning of his career, in which he gave up seven earned runs en route to giving up 10 runs (all earned) on ten hits (two HR) and a walk in four innings. The Royals went on to win 11-4 and claimed a half-game lead of first place in the AL Central.

Johnny Cueto's Epic Fail

Johnny Cueto is not now, nor will he ever be Bo Jackson.

Milwaukee's Jean Segura

Last year it looked like Milwaukee's acquisition of Jean Segura had been highway robbery. Now his struggles continue to haunt the Milwaukee offense as the struggle to remain in first place. What a difference a year makes, oi in Segura's case, just a few months.

Athletics Acquire Brad Mills

Not really much to this, other than the following which would seem to be somewhat of a motivator for Mills to perform well when he gets his chance to replace Pomeranz in the Oakland rotation.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p><a href=";src=hash">#Athletics</a> acquired Mills from <a href=";src=hash">#Brewers</a> for $1. Expected to move into rotation shortly.</p>&mdash; Ken Rosenthal (@Ken_Rosenthal) <a href="">June 17, 2014</a></blockquote>

<script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

That's right, $1. That is not a typo.

Video Highlights

Brock Holt

This one is going to be played for years.

Detroit Tigers

Nothing is going right for them these days, not even pitches to the backstop with a runner on third. Warning: Do not let Gerardo Parra watch this clip.