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Game #74: Diamondbacks vs. Brewers

Wade Mil... No, wait: our starting pitcher tonight has just ripped off his mask, and in a shocking turn of events, it'll be Mike Bolsinger taking the mound for the D-backs.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports


Kyle Lohse
RHP, 7-2, 3.00

Mike Bolsinger
RHP, 1-2, 6.08

Diamondbacks Lineup

  1. Didi Gregorius - 2B
  2. Gerardo Parra - RF
  3. Paul Goldschmidt - 1B
  4. Miguel Montero - C
  5. Martin Prado - 3B
  6. David Peralta - CF
  7. Chris Owings - SS
  8. Roger Kieschnick - LF
  9. Mike Bolsinger - P

Some wrinkles here. with Aaron Hill getting a day off, and Didi moving to the other side of the infield, for the start at second. Also of note, Kieschnick is apparently preferred against right-handed pitching to Cody Ross. Sure, Kieschnick is a left-handed bat, but he's also a 27-year-old with less than 100 major-league at-bats and a career OPS+ of 47. I think this is further indication that Ross's future with the Diamondbacks is likely to be limited largely to facing left-handed pitching, until he proves otherwise. On the plus side, we don't need to worry about Will Harris, ERA 8.31 this stint, stinking things up out of the bullpen.

It's an interesting move to have thrown Bolsinger in now, and shifted everyone else back a day. I guess the aim is to give the starters an extra day off, and hopefully allow them to pitch deeper into games. Last turn around the rotation, most of our starters only went five innings, leaving the bullpen to work 15 innings - and that was with the two road losses in LA requiring only eight IP from our pitchers. Overall, our bullpen hasn't been particularly over-taxed: 7th in the NL by innings pitched per game. But they have struggled in June, with a 4.89 ERA, that's ahead of only the Braves and Rockies.