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Game #73: Diamondbacks vs. Brewers

Getting this up really early, in case anyone wants to talk World Cup soccer football, with Team USA playing their first game this afternoon against Ghana. We'll be downtown in the Film Bar, so feel free to use this as a game thread for that.

Joe Raedle


Wily Peralta
RHP, 6-5, 2.90

Brandon McCarthy
RHP, 1-9, 5.29

Diamondbacks Lineup not available at the time of writing. It'll probably show up in the Gameday Thread. If I'm around to post that, rather than behaving like a typical British football fan, and lying passed out in a ditch somewhere, with my national flag painted on my face. Hey, it's okay: I'm Scottish. We're happy drunks. So I'll probably be roaming the streets of Phoenix, looking for Ghanaians to hug. I may be some time. Is that how "Ghanaians" spelled? My spell-checker seems to disagree, but it disagrees, regardless of how I arrange the letters, and whether I add or subtract them. Apologies to any... people from Ghana who may be reading this, just in case.

I'll cheer for Team USA today, which I must confess is an improvement over four years ago, where I was quietly hoping Slovenia would pull off the upset, because they were in the same group as England. As a Scot, when it comes to the World Cup Finals [where our last game was a 3-0 defeat to Morocco, 16 years ago], our recent rooting interests are firmly defined as "Whatever is going to do most damage to the bastard English." I think it's in my DNA. Normally, I couldn't give a damn, but every four years, I am filled with the spirit of Bannockburn, Sean Connery, and the 40% proof kind. Since USA and England are in different pools, no such worries this time. [But, go Costa Rica!]

Meanwhile, yes: there is baseball here today, with the Brewers arriving, but Fabian has already covered the bases there.  It could be hell week for the Diamondbacks, as they face the two sides with the best records in the National League, for back-to-back series. Back at the start of May, I highlighted the off-day next Monday as a possible one where we could see changes being made. The team has played better since then - almost exactly at .500, at 21-20 - but a rough couple of series here and Ken Kendrick might decide the time has come to pull the plug on some current incumbents.