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SnakePit Fantasy Baseball, Week 11

We have some separation of the top four, but that just led to a tighter bunch in the middle, with half a point covering the middles five spots. Here's the latest from Division 1.

Stephen Dunn
Week 11 results

AZ SnakePit 2, Space Wizard 7
Space's pitching was key, with a 1.79 team ERA and 0.79 WHIP. Papelbon notched a W and two Sv, while Strasburg had a Win and 12 strikeouts; Iwakuma had a W and 11 K's for Snake. They also got three HR from Gattis, and Morneau drove in 10, but Trout and Brantley had two HR for Wizard.

Gregorius B.I.G. 4, The Rusty Trumbones 5
Both sides stole four bases, and that was just enough for Rusty. They won the other hitting categories, with two HR from Castro and eight RBI by Werth. Gregorius ruled in pitching, where Rosenthal notched four Saves and Wood won twice. However, Colon's 0.68 WHIP gave that to the Trombones.

Sofa King Juiced 2, Got Grittiness? 8
A pitching duel here, with both sides posting sub-three ERAs: Haren won twice for Got, while Tanaka put up a W and 11 strikeouts for Sofa. But it wasn't so close on offense, where Got took all five points: Goldschmidt and Dozier each had three home-runs and drove in five for the winners.

MyWieterGetzLongoria 5, Trail-Hitters 5
Nothing to split these two, with Trail having an edge on hitting, thanks to Adams' three HR; Singleton had a pair for Wieter. The roles were reversed on the mound, as Hawkins saved three and Price notched a W + 20 K for Longoria; Pitcher of the Week Kimbrel had four Sv + 10 K for Trail to secure a tie.

Mizzoula Osprey 1, CGS 9
This was our version of Spain vs. Netherlands as the reigning champions were mauled. CGS had a 1.53 ERA, with Arroyo winning twice, and Cueto getting a W + 12 K. Peavy fanned 12 for Mizzoula, who's only point came in RBI, where Phillips had seven. Rizzo had two HR and seven R for CGS.

Trumboner 1, Waffles 7
Waffles batted .307 and pounded out  a dozen HR, four from Hitter of the Week McCutchen, who drove in 13; Chisenhall had three and nine RBI. Trumboner did better in pitching, where Richards and Bumgarner wach fanned 14, and they won K's with 82. But Waffles coasted in. W + Sv being tied.

Angry Saguaro 2, Alabama Slammers 7
Alabama pitched their way to victory, behind Beckett (W + 13 K) and Leake (W + 10 K), and racking up 86 strikeouts in total; Nolasco fanned 11 for Angry. The Slammers' offense was led by Martinez (three HR, six RBI), while Infante scored seven times and hit .364 for the Saguaro in a losing cause.

Rank Team W-L-T Pct GB Last Week Waiver Moves
1 Waffles 58-43-9 .568 - 7-1-2 11 20
2 The Rusty Trumbones 57-45-8 .555 1.5 5-4-1 6 17
3 Trail-Hitters 57-45-8 .555 1.5 5-5-0 13 27
4 Alabama Slammers 57-47-6 .545 2.5 7-2-1 7 32
5 Trumboner 50-51-9 .495 8 1-7-2 4 27
6 Mizzoula Osprey 52-53-5 .495 8 1-9-0 14 21
7 Space Wizard 49-51-10 .491 8.5 7-2-1 5 -
8 Gregorius B.I.G. 50-52-8 .491 8.5 4-5-1 9 13
9 AZ SnakePit 51-53-6 .491 8.5 2-7-1 3 6
10 CGS 51-54-5 .486 9 9-1-0 1 16
11 Angry Saguaro 50-55-5 .477 10 2-7-1 8 16
12 Got Grittiness? 48-57-5 .459 12 8-2-0 12 5
13 Sofa King Juiced 47-56-7 .459 12 2-8-0 10 26
14 MyWieterGetzLongoria 44-59-7 .432 15 5-5-0 2 13
Week 12 games

AZ SnakePit vs. Angry Saguaro
Gregorius B.I.G. vs. Space Wizard
Sofa King Juiced vs. The Rusty Trumbones
MyWieterGetzLongoria vs. Got Grittiness?
Mizzoula Osprey vs. Trail-Hitters
Trumboner vs. CGS
Waffles vs. Alabama Slammers

Waffles vs. Slammers is the ESPN Game of the Week, pitting the latest leaders against the fourth-placed Alabama team. Waffles appear to have pulled through their injury crisis and have been unstoppable of late. They have won their last five games, most of them by five points or more. The Slammers have also rebounded from a slow start, and have been victorious in six of their past seven, only dropping a round to Trumboner. Who will continue their run? Can Waffles hold on at the top of a very competitive division?