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Diamondbacks 4, Astros: Harrassed in Harris County by Homers

The Diamondbacks and Astros went back and forth, combining for 5 home runs before culminating in a 10th inning walk-off by Chris Carter.

Bob Levey

Record: 29-40. Pace: 68-94. Change over last season: -6.

The beginning of the game gave me a certain sense of dijon voodoo. A couple Astros home runs early, a lackluster D-backs offense. Hey, didn't we just see this on Wednesday?

Arizona hung around, though, and slowly clawed their way back, only have it to all be thrown away in one moment. Baseball's like that, I guess.

Wade Miley took the bump for Arizona, and didn't have a particularly great night. It wasn't a tire fire, but he lasted only 5 innings whilst giving up 4 runs. It was the home runs that killed him, allowing 2, and in a 'how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln" way the rest of his short night was good in that he struck out 8.

Scott Feldman, the Astros starter, lasted a little longer but was only slightly more effective. His final line was 6 1/3 innings with 3 runs, only 2 earned, off 4 hits. He did strike out 6, though, which is interesting if you like even numbers.

The Astros almost broke the game wide open in the 7th, loading the bases with no outs, only to get a infield pop-up and a 1-2-3 double play out of it instead of runs. The latter play isn't just odd because of its sequential nature, but also because the Montero's throw to Goldy was errant, and in the excitement of real-time it seemed he would allow multiple runs to score for Houston. Instead it was instantly ruled that Matt Dominguez, the batter, ran too far in the baseline and blocked the throw. So, woo.

Arizona did eventually get 8 hits, led by Goldschmidt, with 2, and Peralta, with 3. Both of Goldy's hits were doubles, which also doubled as the hits that gave him the league lead in two baggers. That was a really awkward sentence. Hey, look! A meteor shower! /throws down smoke bomb

There was a scary moment in the third inning when Ender Inciarte stole first and was clocked in the head by Houston shortstop Jonathan Villar. The way his head jerked back it sure seemed like Ender got a concussion, but I'm neither a real doctor nor do I play one on TV. He'd end up staying in the game for another at-bat before being replaced by Cody Ross in the 6th.

Chad Qualls came in for Houston in the 9th to protect a 4-3 to lead, but of course was a total Chad Qualls and instantly gave up a solo home run to Miguel Montero to tie the game.

It seemed like this game might go on for awhile, but luckily for my sleep routine JJ Putz came in the 10th and gave a solo shot to Chris Carter to give the game to the Astros.

Source: FanGraphs

90s: Miguel Montero (23.7%)

80s: Paul Goldschmidt (18.1%), Evan Marshall (15%)

70s: JJ Putz (-36.1%)

60s: Martin Prado (-30.5%), Wade Miley (-21%)

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Tonight the D-backs get on a jetplane and head off to the big city to try to achieve their dreams in good old Hollywood. I hope they've been keeping up with their dancing lessons, as the Disney Channel wants well-rounded performers. First pitch tomorrow is at 7:10pm Arizona time.