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2014 Dbacks Draft Signing Status

All major league teams are busy signing their draft picks and putting together the puzzle of staying under the draft pool cap. Some teams drafted obvious under slot guys, some drafted upside high schoolers who they know they'll have to sign above slot, and other draft college seniors who have no negotiating leverage at all. here is the status of the Dbacks' drafts from rounds 10 and up.

Round Pick Name Pos Level Bonus Plus/Minus
1 16 Touki Toussaint RHP HS Not Signed
2 54 Cody Reed LHP HS $1,034,500 Slot
2B 69 Marcus Wilson OF HS $1,000,000 $178,000 Over
2B 70 Isan Diaz SS/2B HS $750,000
$59,000 Under
3 89 Matt Railey OF HS $603,400 Slot
4 120 Brent Jones RHP College JR $350,000 $82,000 Under
5 150 Mason McCullough RHP College JR Not Signed
6 180 Zac Curtis LHP College SR $40,000 $202,000 Under
7 210 Tyler Humphreys 3B JR College $150,000 $29,000 Under
8 240 Grant Heyman OF JR College $157,700 Slot
9 270 Justin Gonzalez SS College SR $25,000 $122,000 Under
10 300 Scott Schultz RHP College SR $25,000 $113,600 Under

It should be noted that the Diamondbacks drafted some high ranked high schoolers in the later rounds and may try and save a few pool dollars to sign one or two of them. We already know they're not going to be able to sign Jacob Bukauskas. But guys like Willie Rios (LHP, 26th round), Cameron Bishop (LHP, 32nd round), or Justin Morris (C, 35th round) might be had if the offer is good enough.

So far they've saved about $130,000 against the slot numbers, plus they can go over the total pool by about $400,000 so they could offer one of them something around $500,000 at this point. In addition, they still have a couple of college seniors to sign that might save them some more dollars, but the big unknown is what it will take to sign Touki Toussaint. Stay tuned.