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Snake Bytes: 6/11

On the day that baseball mourned the passing of Bob Welch, Bronson Arroyo had a strong outing, Goldy splashed down, and the Arizona Diamondbacks took Tuesday's matinee against the Houston Astros. The teams will now face off for two in Houston.

Todd Warshaw

Quick Quotes

"Physically I don't feel so good, but my ball is moving and I'm keeping hitters off balance, and we've just got a better flow as a team."

-Bronson Arroyo

"Was it?" Goldschmidt said of the homer being his first to splash into the pool. "I don't know. I mean you guys pay attention to so much stuff we have no idea about. I'm just glad it was a homer. Just a fastball middle of the plate that I was able to hit it hard and get it out of there."

-Paul Goldschmidt

"You know when you get sent down, you don't really know if you're ever coming back. So you have to take the approach that the only way I'm going to get back is by pitching well, and everything else falls into place. Now I've got another opportunity, and it will be whatever I make of it."

-Will Harris

Daily Digest

Goldy Takes a Dip as Diamondbacks Drown Astros

Bronson Arroyo wasn't pretty on the mound, throwing everything at the Astros, including the kitchen sink. But no one can deny the results - one earned run over seven innings. The Diamondbacks' offense took a while to get going, but finally came through in the seventh, to pick up Arroyo and give him his sixth win. Ziegler continued to ziegle, and Addison Reed pitched a clean ninth to close out the 4-1 victory.

Hudson, Reynolds, and Harris

Daniel Hudson and Matt Reynolds continue to rehab from Tommy John surgery. Though no one is stamping a return date on either of them just yet, results are looking good and providing hope that both might still contribute out of the bullpen this season. Meanwhile, Will Harris, has managed to work his way back into that bullpen, and hopes that this time he can stick.

Arroyo Nursing Pained Elbow

While Bronson Arroyo may have turned in another solid performance against the Astros on Tuesday, the 37-year-old hurler has a new wrinkle to overcome. For the first time in his 15 year career, he is pitching through non-typical elbow pain. Though he has never missed a start to the DL, with all the catastrophic elbow injuries that have propped up this season, one has to wonder if it might not be a smart move to make this season the first where Arroyo heads to the DL to get healed before he seriously injures himself.

The Big Three

Here at the pit, we've been talking about Barrett, Stites, and Sherfy since last year. Well, now the folks over at Fangraphs have taken notice too, predicting a fairly rosy future for the Diamondbacks' bullpen.

Around MLB

Bob Welch (1956-2014)

Baseball lost another family member with the passing of former Dodger and Athletics pitcher, Bob Welch. Welch also served as pitching coach for the 2001 World Champion Diamondbacks.

Interleague Play

Love it or hate it, interleague play is here to stay and bigger than ever.

Stephen Strasburg

There's a reason why win-loss records and simple ERA are poor measurements by which to rate a pitcher.