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Dbacks 7, Brewers 5

Tonight was an otherwise good game by the Diamondbacks marred by one horrendous half inning where everything went wrong. Unfortunately for any enthusiasm fans may have had for this game, that half inning also happened to be the bottom of the first. Nine Brewers went to the plate, five of them scored, four of them got hits, there was an error by Chris Owings, and an airmailed throw by Ender Inciarte that somehow wasn't scored as an error. By the end of the inning, the Dbacks had not only squandered the 2-0 lead that Paul Goldschmit's home run had given them, they were down by three runs.

The Dbacks never gave up, though. They kept clawing back, getting a run in both the fifth and sixth innings to get within a run. Josh Collmenter also buckled down after the rocky start to the game, going another four and two thirds scoreless innings to allow the team to get back in the game. Then, in the eighth inning, a Goldschmidt double, Miguel Montero single, and an Aaron Hill home run gave the Dbacks a 7-5 lead. Zeros in the bottom of the eighth and nine from Brad Zeigler and Addison Reed gave the Dbacks the win. The full (happy!) recap to follow.