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The longest home-runs in Chase Field history

Originally published in May 2014, we've updated this article to include Paul Goldschmidt's use of the nuclear option in last night's game against the Cardinals.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Home run distances from 1998-2005 are by the Arizona Diamondbacks. Distances from 2006-present, are by ESPN Stats & Information Group. We're concerned only about D-backs home-runs here, because where's the fun in celebrating opposition homers?. The record by a visitor at Chase is the 485 foot one hit by the Padres' Cameron Maybin off Trevor Cahill on July 2, 2012. That's the only one longer than 473 feet. I wouldn't recommend going full screen on some of these older video; they appear to date from a time before hi-def, and look more like a game of Tetris on extreme difficulty. Blame MLB for this.

10. 473 ft    Eric Byrnes 5/8/07 vs. PHi, off Adam Eaton

Byrnes's blast went into the seats at Friday's Front Row, earlier in the game. "I wish it was worth two," said Eric. "It’s been a while since I’ve hit a home run [his previous one came on April 13] so I decided to take all my aggression out on that one ball." Don't go away though, as it's not the last we'll hear from that contest in this article. Random factoid: the GDT for this one had seven comments.

9. 474 ft    Shawn Green 7/19/06 vs. LAD, off Derek Lowe

Man, remember when Shawn Green was a thing? To the point that we actually gave him a contract extension? Wiser heads prevailed, and we were eventually able to dump him on the Mets, but it was a rough patch. Still, he'll always have this one, about which I'm able to find almost nothing, except for the fact that it apparently went into the picnic area, situated behind the batter's eye.

8. 478 ft    Justin Upton 4/12/11 vs. STL off Chris Carpenter

I'll copy-paste what I said about this one in 2011. "Just a fastball out over the plate and I put a good swing on it," Upton said, in what has got to be the understatement of the year. [This] ended up as the third-longest by any hitter in the majors during 2011. Justin Upton didn't kill this ball. He didn't simply murder it. As a result of this home-run, he is now under investigation by the United Nations for genocide and other war crimes.

=6. 481 ft    Mark Reynolds 7/28/09 vs. PHI, off Brad Lidge

"It was a hanging slider, to left-center, in Arizona. I still remember it like it was yesterday. The next day, one of the umpires told me it looked like a tee shot, like a high draw. He said the ball got small, real quick. That one felt good." - Reynolds. I can't embed this one, so here's a link to the video,

=6. 481 ft    Justin Upton    7/6/08 vs. SD, off Josh Banks

Stop me if this sounds somewhat familiar. "Utterly crushing a ball into Friday's Front Row. And not the bottom row either, but the top tier: a couple of feet to the left, and it would have been pinging around the inside of the restaurant like a psychotic pinball. "I just caught it perfect and it took off a little bit," said Upton, in what appears to be [another!] entry for Understatement of the Year."

=4. 482 ft    Chris Young 9/22/07 vs. LAD, off David Wells

The furthest first pitch home-run in team history, but then, there have only been four of those all told. It wasn't the longest hit that season by "true" distance - that went to a 495 ft. shot by Aramis Ramirez, but it had a 15 mph tail-wind, and adjusted for standard conditions, lost 57 feet. By that benchmark, Young's home-run was the longest by any player in 2007.

=4. 482 ft. Paul Goldschmidt 8/26/15 vs. STL, off John Lackey

Goldie said after the game, "Just looking for something I could hit. It was just kind of a reaction. … I was just looking for something middle of the plate. That was up and in and fortunately I was able to get the barrel there.. "I hit it good. I had a feeling it was going to get out of there. Fortunately, it did. Got one run. We would have liked to have got some more." For unfortunately, it turned out to be the only run we'd get in a 3-1 defeat.

3. 486 ft    Tony Clark 5/8/07 vs. PHI, off Adam Eaton

Yep, it's the second appearance of both the game and Eaton in this list. I don't think he misses Chase, having won only once in seven starts, with a 5.74 ERA here. Interestingly, this one was originally thought to be shorter than Byrnes's above, coming in at "only" 457 feet, but on re-assessment turned out to be not just longer, but also the biggest bomb of the season at Chase Field.

2. 503 ft    Richie Sexson 4/26/04 vs. CHI, off Francis Beltran

This is the one people remember, hitting the ball off his own face and breaking a cell on the Jumbotron that cost $360 to replace: Jerry Colangelo let Sexson off the bill. "The people here are going to enjoy watching Richie Sexson all year long," Chicago manager Dusty Baker said. However, as I wrote on the anniversary of the blast, "Two games later, Sexson tore the muscle off his shoulder on a checked swing from hell: he was never the same again, and the Diamondbacks were on their way to one of the worst seasons in major-league history."

1. 504 ft Adam Dunn 9/27/08 vs. COL, off Glendon Rusch

Perhaps overshadowed and forgotten, compared to the SexsonBomb, this is the longest home-run of all-time at Chase Field. One metric rated it the most impressive home-run since HitTrackerOnline started gathering its data, and there hasn't been another official 500-footer since. Whether this reflects a decrease in hyperbole (many people initially claimed Goldie's was that distance) or perhaps, stricter PED testing nowadays, remains to be seen.