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SnakeBytes 5/30: Facing the Minimum

Josh Collmenter was brilliant yesterday against the Reds, as he pitched a shutout and faced the minimum 27 batters in the 4-0 D-backs victory. Don't look now, but the D-backs have won 5 of 7 and continue to get great starting pitching. Bronson Arroyo looks to keep up his streak of quality starts as he faces his old team for the first time since signing with the D-backs.

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Josh used everything, even this pitch he calls, "Knuckle Sandwich".
Josh used everything, even this pitch he calls, "Knuckle Sandwich".
Christian Petersen


The big thing for me is fastball command. I'm not going to blow guys away. If I can place the ball where I want and move it in and out, change speeds, that's my bread and butter. To be able to do that and just repeat it over and over and over and work down in the zone and not give them pitches they can drive and keep the ball in the park, I've really been focusing on that.

- Josh Collmenter on what was working for him in yesterday's shutout.

I think he made quality strikes and got contact, bad contact. They hit a few balls hard, and we played good defense, turned a double play here or there. He was very efficient with fastball location.

- Tuffy Gosewisch talks about what worked for Josh Collmenter

With Arizona, we had a bathroom stall, a handicapped stall, which was bigger than the rest of the stalls. There was a sign on the door of the stall that said it was only to be used by guys with four years of major league service. Really stupid stuff.

- Mark Reynolds, on some unwritten rules.

Daily D-backs

Josh Collmenter throws shutout in D-backs victory |
After a 12-run outburst the night before, the Diamondbacks offense was much less stagnant Thursday against the Cincinnati Reds, but that didn't matter. RHP Josh Collmenter was at his best, delivering the first shutout and complete game of his career with a commanding 4-0 win in front of 18,457 at Chase Field to open a four-game series.

Collmenter faces minimum | FOX Sports on MSN
Collmenter (4-2) breezed through his first career complete game, joining Randy Johnson as the only Arizona pitcher to face the minimum 27 batters in a nine-inning game. Johnson did it during his perfect game against Atlanta in 2004.

Collmenter lets up three hits over nine | ARI Recap
Collmenter dominated the Reds in the series opener. He gave up three hits, and each time the D-backs turned a double play. When Skip Schumaker grounded out to end the game, Collmenter had thrown only 94 pitches.

Paul Goldschmidt continues to prove his power for D-Backs |
Pollock and others contend the blast from three years ago actually went farther than the one on Wednesday night. Still, the more recent shot had players buzzing even a day later, awestruck that Goldschmidt nearly hit his own likeness on the big board and reminiscing about other monster homers they've witnessed.

Eric Chavez on adjusting to a backup role |
The third baseman says it was good to start fresh after a tough few years in Oakland.

Martin Prado showing better production at plate |
The arrival of his mother, Irma, as a roommate during the All-Star break last season coincided with Diamondbacks third baseman Martin Prado's offensive surge and while he was willing to pass off some of the credit for that rejuvenation to her presence, she isn't responsible for his recent spike in production. Well, OK, maybe she is a little bit. "She told me two days ago, 'Hey, I was watching one of your games and it looks like you're too close to the home plate. Separate from home plate,' " Prado recalled.

Rehabbing Trumbo takes swings standing up |
D-backs outfielder Mark Trumbo took 50 swings off a batting tee on Wednesday and again on Thursday. It was the first time he has swung the bat standing up since being diagnosed late last month with a stress fracture in his left foot.

Paul Goldschmidt; Anonymous Superstar | FOX Sports on MSN
His style is non-heat seeking. No bat flips. No Twit pics. Just game.

Around the MLB

Bautista's outstanding throw |
5/29/14: Jose Bautista scoops up a grounder to right field and makes an outstanding throw to nab Billy Butler at first base

MLB Scoreboard Comparison Chart
Very cool look at the different sizes in scoreboards across the MLB.

50 Cent's first pitch was indeed the worst ever | Washington Post
According to a highly unscientific study of first pitches we conducted at Wonkblog this morning, 50 Cent's first pitch was probably the worst ever. We watched a whole bunch of YouTube pitch videos and plotted them, to the best of our ability, across a strike zone diagram, using the tried-and-true "eyeballin’ it" method.

The Unwritten Canon, Revealed | ESPN
Baseball's rollicking code of conduct, from the players who live by self-regulated standards that don't exist in print: The Unwritten Rules.