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D-backs 2, Padres 0: All the beer, and all the win

Yup, I'm back.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports
Beer #1 Big Swell:  Maui Brewing
  • Yea I know, I had this beer last time wrote, but I do love it.  So so so much
  • Missed the top of the 1st, but didn't miss much.  A very depressing trend.  Hopefully my trend of losing recaps wont continue as well.
  • My buddy Gerry, also a huge Dbacks fan, watches with me.  Fun fact: looks like Gerry Garcia and loves the Grateful Dead.
  • More silliness from the Dbacks as Arroyo forgets how to field.  Nice.  Luckily a double play saves us from more shenanigans.
  • Gerry says the season isn't over.  I laugh and continue drinking. 
  • Top of the second with 2 outs and a man on second .......and another scoreless inning
  • Gerry lives and dies or disc golf.  Believe it or not, but there are professional sponsored disc golfers.  This is a thing.
  • Getting ragged on quite a bit at work, and even at my haven in Papago, for loving the Dbacks.  Being a Dbacks fan is tough now.  Thank God for beer.


Now if we had a legion of Astartes....that might give the season hope.

    Beer #2:  Private Label IPA Firestone Walker Brewing
    • Unlike the previous beer this is a bit maltier, but not so much that it's like an English style IPA.  Just in case no ones noticed I'm a bit of a hophead.
    • Goldy truly is the only reason I'm excited to watch this team.  He's a machine.  They should cast him for the next Terminator
    • On that note Goldy keeps things going in the 3rd and Miggy walks.  Bases loaded son!
    • Hill's trade value just went up a notch:  two run single!!!!  2-0
    • Seriously, Hill's getting traded.  This will happen.  You heard it here first.
    • Gerry though agrees that Owings is untouchable, even with the easy ground out to the pitcher to start the 4th........
    • Probably should have written an article about San Diego beer.  They have an ungodly amount of breweries in that city. Stone Brewing, Ballast Point, Pizza Port, Mission, Green Flash, Iron Fish, Port Brewing, Lost Abbey etc.
    • Arroyo really does look like he's woken up from the coma he must have been in the first few weeks.  A nice 1-2-3 inning.
    • On a side note, how long have we been listening to the talking-heads of sports media claim San Diego will be a dark horse only to have them be meh?
    • "Oh wait?  What's that you say?  Parra get's thrown out trying to steal?  That never happens."  Said no-one ever.
    • How is Parra even allowed to steal?  He has the base running instincts of a brain dead lemming.
    • No Hitter is over, and yes, I jinxed it.


    Gibby upon learning of Parra's attempted steal........

    Beer# 3:  Knotty Pine Pale Ale Lumberyard Brewing
    • New beer in my book:  Gerry describes it as liquified pine needles.  Apparently I like me some pine needles.
    • Bottom of the 6th and it's still 2-0.  Feels like the offense has had a ton of chances to extend the lead and just can't make it work.  Sigh
    • I don't know why but Arroyo looks like that axe guy from Last Action Hero.  Maybe a bit of a stretch but....... 


    Someone please photoshop a cap on him and you'll see what I see.....

    • Top of the 7th:  Very very very confused as to how Inciarte (spl?) didn't get on base there.  Madness.
    • Would really love to see some insurance runs there, but the Dbacks per usual do not heed my pleas.
    Beer #4:  Undercover Shutdown American Strong Ale Lagunitas Brewing
    • An American Strong Ale.  Essentially the style usually hovers around 8-9% by volume with both big hop and big malt characteristics.  Arrogant Bastard Ale is another example of the style, though that beer is much hoppier.
    • 8th inning:  Goldy approacheth.  Goldy groundeth outeth into double playeth..........
    • Ziegler up and I find myself dreading what may come.  Such is my confidence in this team
    • Thankfully my fears are proven wrong.
    • That is one hell of a mustache from Thayer.  Wish work would let me grow such an abominations.


    The Emperor approves

    • Top of the 9th and the Dbacks are once again teasing me with insurance runs.  Yet they disappoint again.
    • Reed, oh you fickle Closer you.  With such a hapless start of the season I'm still not sure what kind of closer he is.
    Beer # 5:  Cascaderade IPL
    • No, not a typo.  A IPL is an Indian Pale Lager.  Mostly the same process, but then the brewer uses a lager yeast instead of a ale yeast.  Makes for a crisper finish to the beer, but takes a bit away from the bold flavors we associate with ales.
    • As I have the first sip.......WE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Truly a miracle. 
    • Thanks for reading this stream of consciousness, it shall continue.
    • Also, Gerry won $3 thanks to this win.  Woot woot.
    Beers and whistles

    [Click to enlarge, at]
    Robert Duvall: Bronson Arroyo, +38.5%
    Steve Reeves: Aaron Hill, +18.5%
    RuPaul: Martin Prado, -5.9%

    A light, but fairly cheerful Gameday Thread, with 320 comments across 22 people. DbacksSkins led the way, ahead of TolkienBard and preston.salisbury. Also taking part: Circa4life, Clefo, DeadmanG, Fangdango, GODSCHMIDT, GuruB, Jim McLennan, JoeCB1991, Makakilo, MrMrrbi, PR151, asteroid, azshadowwalker, benhat, blank_38, hotclaws, luckycc, shoewizard and txzona. Comment of the night to Fangdangs, who seemed excited by the idea of KT being involved in Hundley talks.


    As in?

    We get Hundley, they get KT?

    " The future ain't what it used to be "

    We're back at Petco tomorrow, with a 5:40pm first pitch, as Brandon McCarthy takes on former Diamondback, Ian Kennedy.