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Nick Evans up, Alfredo Marte down

#FreeNickEvans - mission accomplished. Alfredo Marte has been sent down to Reno, while Nick Evans has got the call, and should see major-league action for the first time since 2011.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This will please a number of people here, who have been calling for more or less exactly this move for some time. Marte had a line of 227/.227/.364 in 11 games and 22 PAs for the Diamondbacks, while Evans had a much more impressive line of .335/.393/.641 over 44 games and 170 PAs with the Aces, with 11 home-runs. For comparison purposes, Evans' OPS in Reno was 1.034, while Marte's was .877, and the move should hopefully help improve our bench offense a bit which, as shoewizard noted the other day, has been significantly lacking, outside of Eric Chavez.

Evans is a local boy, being born in Glendale and selected out of St. Mary's High School by the Mets in the fifth round of the 2004 draft. He played parts of four seasons in the majors with them, from 2008-2011, putting up a line of .256/.305/.407 in 159 games, splitting time almost evenly between first base and left field. This year with the Aces, he has about equal starts at 1B, 3B and LF, so the right-hander has some position flexibility.