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Snake Bytes, 5/28: Late Edition

Wade Miley struck out a career high 11 Padres, but was hurt by some shoddy defense behind him in the third. The Diamondbacks chipped away to tie things in the seventh, but Marshall was finally tagged for his first earned run, surrendering the go-ahead home run to Tommy Medica in the eighth.

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Norm Hall

Quick Quotes

"It's not about how much, as long as it clears that line," Marshall said. "It still hurts. A loss in a big league game is never something you want to have. But they're good hitters. Things like this happen. All I can do is continue to go out there and execute and next time I go out and face them try to have the opposite."

-Evan Marshall

"I had a pretty good fastball tonight," Miley said. "I would say I was locating it in and out, I was able to get it in in a lot of situations and the offspeed was there when I needed it."

-Wade Miley

"We're expected to be competitive. We're expected to play for championships...I like that anxiety. I feel it right now."

-Tony LaRussa

"I know there have been some skeptics as to whether me personally or somebody, anybody can contribute in this type of role. It's good. It puts a chip on my shoulder. It's motivation."

-Tony LaRussa

Daily Digest

Diamondbacks Rally, Fall Late to Padres

The Diamondbacks rallied from a 3-1 third inning deficit to tie the game at three after seven innings. Evan Marshall came on to pitch the eighth. He sailed through the first two batters, but surrendered the go-ahead home run to Tommy Medica before finishing the frame. The Padres took the game 4-3 to tie the series at one game apiece.

Revisiting an Injury that Shaped the Franchise

On April 17, 2012 Chris Young slammed into the outfield wall making a great play on a ball hit by Pedro Alvarez. Young has never been the same since that injury occurred, and neither have the Diamondbacks.

Evan Marshall Making Most of Opportunity

Entering 2014, it seemed like he'd fallen out of favor. For the first time as a professional, he wasn't invited to major-league camp. He was told he tried to overdo it when surrounded by major-leaguers and would benefit from a more relaxed environment.

LaRussa Motivated to Achieve

The 69-year-old won three World Series titles, four Manager of the Year Awards, six pennants, 12 division crowns and 2,728 regular season games.

But being a Hall of Fame skipper does not necessarily mean he'll thrive in his new role as the Arizona Diamondbacks' first-ever Chief Baseball Officer.

Diamondbacks Taking Small Steps Toward Improvement

The Diamondbacks have a plan for their recovery. They will take it step by step, one small ascent followed by another.

Around MLB

Edwin Encarnacion's May

The season is only 1/3 of the way through, but the Blue Jays' Edwin Encarnacion is already starting people talking about the AL MVP.

50 Cent's Ceremonial First Uhm....Pitch?

Juuuuuust a bit outside.

Ben Revere's History Avoiding Home Run

1,566 Abs into his career, Ben Revere finally drove himself home, and it wasn't even an inside-the-park variety home run. Here are some other nuggets about the home run that got Revere off the schnide after reaching the 5th most career ABs without a home run since 1900.

Video Highlights

Ben Revere's Home Run

Since this might possibly be the only time in his career that he hits one, I figured I best put him in here before I miss my chance.

A.J. Pollock Goes Long

Not known for his power stroke, the hot-hitting center fielder for Arizona goes yard, to Paul Goldschmidt and Jay Bruce territory.

Carlos Gomez

For a guy with the reputation of a jerk, this is pretty dang cool.

Aaron Hicks

Apparently he doesn't think home runs should get all the highlights.