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D-backs 3 Padres 4: Beer Cap Time!!!!!!!

Huzzah, I get two beer caps this week!!!!!

Norm Hall

I have returned, again.


You guys had better get the reference.

Beer #1:  Funkin Gonuts Coconut Dunkelwiesen by Historic Brewing of Flagstaff

  • There's always something to be said about a beer with a clever name.  It helps that it's pretty good and from Arizona.  For those of you that don't know a dunkelwieze is a dark hefewiezen; using darker or roasted malts to get the darker color and bolder flavor.  Not a favorite style of mine, but a goody for sure.
  • Got started a bit late today due to a office get together, but Lord EdBigHead has promised to fill me in....
  • Per EdBigHead:  Miley had 20 pitches in the first inning (on a side note my bet with EdBigHead that Miley will win 15 games is not working out).  Prado has a HR (that's nice, but I wont bring up the Upton trade....Ooops.).
  • 5 innings in and only three hits for our heroes.  Sigh.
  • Quoting Ed "Chase Headley (didn't he get traded last week?) singled scoring Denorfia."
  • "Miley gave up 6 hits so a dick."


I think Ed is too hard on him.

  • He does have 9ks though, which really seems puzzling to me in that his K's always seem solid, but he just cant help give up that big inning.
  • So with all that in mind I find myself watching the top of the 6th with men on the corners and one out.  Miley is indeed leaking oil......
  • Huzzah!  We escape the inning with no blood!  There is hope.
  • Well that was quick!  Can't tell if the camera crew failed at life or my focus on the Thai chicken wrap in front of me cause me to miss that RBI doable by Monte to bring in Goldy.
  • 2-3:  Monte on 3rd and only 1 out.  We had better tie this up, or I may just have to order another beer.
  • Yup, asking for one measly run with one out and a man on third was just a bit too much for this awe inspiring club.  Thanks Dbacks!!!!!!


  • On a side note; thanks again Cody.  Great offense.
  • Well, I take back what I said about Miley leaking oil; still in the game and with 10k's!!!!  Make that 11k's as the inning ends.  Miley is solid, and I have to wonder how he'd be if he had some ace pitching in front of him.  Might win that dang bet if that was the case.......
  • What the heck is with Pennington?  Last year (and years before) he couldn't hit to save his life.  Were it not for Owings hitting like a boss he'd the be everyday dude, but .250 average just wont make it happen.

Beer #2:  G'Knight Imperial IPA by Oskar Blues

  • Originally names Gordon, but a certain nationwide brewpub chain sued and thus G'Knight was born.  Usually this situation is kinda rare as brewers are a pretty chill group, but......
  • Slow'mo Thayer is a funny looking Thayer.  That camera certainly is fun to watch, and they should do it for all pitchers.
  • Pollack wasn't the hero this at bat.  2 outs with a man on 3rd and Parra comes through!
  • Catchers interference?  Not something you see too often, and Grandal hand gets crushed by Goldy.  Ouch.
  • Bases juiced!   Let's see just how disappointing I can get with this team.
  • And...........Prado fails at life.....
  • Tom, my former roommate, just jinxed Marshall.  He says, and I quote "My bad, and knock on wood does not work."


Hops.  Nom nom nom

Beer #3 Sculpin IPA by Ballast Point Brewing

  • This is the best IPA on Earth. All others pail in comparison.  Buy this right the heck now.
  • Bottom of the 9th.  Our hero Pollack approacheth......
  • Pollack walketh awayeth........
  • Hope gone.......

[Click to enlarge, at]
Sam Adams Summer Shandy: Cliff Pennington. +13.2%
Ommegang Fire & Blood: Montero, +12.3%; Goldschmidt +10.1%
US Budweiser: Evan Marshalll, -21.1%
Carling Black Label: Ross -15.5%; Hill, -15.1%

TolkienBard cruised to an easy victory in tonight's GDT, ahead of Makakilo and Rockkstarr12. Also taking part: 4 Corners Fan, AzRattler, BrokeNBattleX, Fangdango, GODSCHMIDT, GuruB, JoeCB1991, Majabe, MrMrrbi, SenSurround, SongBird, TucsonPete, blank_38, cheese1213, cole8865, dsadbacks2001, makattack71, onedotfive, preston.salisbury, rd33 and txzona. Just one comment with more than one recommendation, so Comment of the Night also goes to TolkienBard, who discussed Cody Ross


Fixed it for you.

It’s getting harder and harder to watch him at bat with people on

"A good friend of mine used to say, 'This is a very simple game. You throw the ball, you catch the ball, you hit the ball. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains.' Think about that for a while."

Rubber game tomorrow, with Chase Anderson getting a second stab at going 3-0 to start his career, the last attempt being rained out in New York. Think we're probably safe from having the same thing happen on Wednesday...