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Beer/Workcap: Dbacks ___ Mets_____

Due to the horrendous start time, some of this recap will be written at work. Sigh

Dan Mullan

Well, sometimes a Friday recap means I gotta start during work.  Fun times.


My stapler is precious

Stapler #1:  It's an unremarkable black stapler.......yay.  Not nearly as cool as a beer, but I must suffer for now.

  • Well despite threats of rain apparently this game is a go.  Hopefully I'll be able to leave the office a bit early in order to view this game properly.  With a beer in hand.
  • 1-2-3 first.  Well.........this game will certainly require a beer or two to enjoy if this keeps up.
  • Trying to work and write an article is a bit difficult.  Luckily it's a Friday before a long weekend.  All quiet on the work front.
  • No blood for either side after 1 frame, I guess that's good.
  • The radio says Montero got an infield hit, but that can't be possible.  Must be all the cups of coffee I've had that causing me to hallucinate.
  • Nice!!!!!  Radio says Hill got a homer, so it must be so.
  • OK, time for freedom from this work station.  Beerthirty


Beer #1:  Southern Triangle IPA by Rough Draft

  • Rush home and change clothes to rush to Papago..........only to have the game go into a rain delay.
  • So with that in mind I enjoy my beer and wait to see if there will even be a continuation of the game.  By the way, it's a decent IPA and I'm not sure if I'd order it again.
  • Going to head out to Arizona Wilderness Brewing soon for a friends BDay.  Amazing beer to be had there and it's probably the highest rates brewery in the state.


Beards, especially good beards, are a surefire indicator of great beer