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The Wild Card: Other cover albums

Some Diamondbacks, despite all evidence to the contrary, think they also have a shot at a music career.

Jeff Curry

On the last episode of the Roundtable, much ado was made about the existence of "Covering the Bases", Bronson Arroyo's cover album made in 2005. It was pointed out that the track listing was that of a Mix CD someone would make a girl they were trying to get with around the year 2002. However, before we throw unwarranted stones at Mr. Arroyo, we should point out that a few other current Diamondbacks are also making cover albums. What follows are a few examples of those:

Miguel Montero

Miggy has been known for his...different taste in walkup music. This has also shown in his upcoming EP, where he takes well-known standards and tweaks them to this style. Also included in each copy is a taco coupon at the taco eatery of your choice. Granted, it seems unlikely that the taco eatery of your choice will honor this coupon, but it's the thought that counts.

Some of the tracks include:

I've Got Rhythm

The classic Gershwin standard is turned upside-down when all of the melody and harmony are done by poking monkeys with a stick to get various pitches and notes. The result will blow you away. Who could ask for anything more?

Shuffle off to Buffalo

Much in the vain of the first one, done by recording a weird hobo in downtown Phoenix and upping the autotune to get the melody. The fact said hobo claimed he could tap dance was a lucky break.

John Cage's 4'33" ft. Pitbull

Self-explanatory, that one.

Addison Reed

The D'Backs closer has gone with a thematic album, detailing the trials and tribulations that closers go through on a daily basis. He's doing this in hopes of fostering understanding to those who are not closers.

Protect Ya Neck

Looking back at Home Runs can really cause whiplash. Reed is bringing this issue to the forefront, as well as gaining some street cred, by covering this Wu-Tang clan classic.

Give it Away

Reed has a somber take on the Red Hot Chili Peppers classic, as "it' means earned runs in this context.

(Weird aside: I had a dream a few nights ago where I played "Magic: The Gathering" against Anthony Kiedis, who of course was using a Blue control deck. This is a safe place to admit this, right?)

Blowin' in the Wind

The answer my friend, is a hanging 1-2 Slider to Hunter Pence in a one-run game.

Martin Prado

Prado has opted to just release a single, as he has yet to show he can accomplish more than that this season.

There She Goes

There she goes
There she goes again
Racing through the zone
And I just can't condone
Swinging at the first pitch, bro

These are only a small selection of these works of art. I'm sure the various team and music insiders can shed what they know about upcoming player projects in the comments.

Or you could withhold that knowledge, because you're selfish and probably don't have any friends. It's cool, whatever, you're going to live your life unloved, that's totally fine.