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Diamondbacks 2, Cardinals 4: No, YOU'RE an Error

The Cardinals completed a three game sweep of the visiting Diamondbacks by weathering an early deficit, being patient for runs, and striking late. Let's hope La Russa can mold the D-backs into something closer to the team that won today than the team that lost.

Dilip Vishwanat

Record: 18-31. Pace: 59-103. Change (a change) would do you good.

In the first inning it really seemed like it would be a duck race in favor the visiting Diamondbacks. Gerardo Parra led things off with a single, Martin Prado walked, and then Parra scored on a Goldschmidt single. Two runners on, one run in, and still no outs? I'll take that every day. Aaron Hill would sacrifice Prado in with a fly out, but that would be it for the Diamondbacks offense.

Arizona got hits, ending with 8 total, but as is so often the case they could never string anything together. Both Chad Pennington and Tuffy Gosewisch inexplicably got 2 hits, yet the Diamondbacks weren't able to take advantage of that statistical anomaly.

You look at a score of 4-2 and you think, "Wade Miley deserves better." Well, maybe he does in general, but he contributed his own fair share to the loss.

You may have also noticed that this recap is largely the same as the quick recap. Look, I'm tired. I've been up since 2:30am with only maybe another hour of sleep, I'll probably be up early tomorrow, and I'm assuming you're only going to read one of these recaps, if any at all. So shoot me.

6 2/3 innings pitched, 5 hits, and only 2 runs allowed is pretty good. Miley outlasted the Cardinal's Lynn, who only could go 6 innings. The problem came more from all the runners the Diamondbacks allowed. Miley ended up walking 4, not showing great control, but it was an Aaron Hill error (no, I'm not going to change this to a hit, I'm a DECIDER and I MADE UP MAH MIND) in the bottom of the 6th that set the table for blowing the lead. The error was followed by a Jhonny Peralta double, and then a Shane Robinson double to tie the game 2-2.

The Cardinals would take the lead for good in the bottom of the 7th after a case of Gibby leaving his starter out too long. His hands seemed to be tied, however, in that it didn't seem like Randall Delgado was quite ready when he was needed most. Matt Holiday stood on first after a two out walk, and Miley was allowed to face Allen Craig. The Redbird would hit a double, scoring Holiday and giving the home team the lead they wouldn't relinquish.

Things seemed to be going so well for the Diamondbacks, if we narrowly define 'well,' as average. But a sweep, even at the hands of a better team, is sure to dampen spirits. Maybe the Cardinals were all geeked up to beat the team that stole their legendary manager. Or maybe the Diamondbacks just aren't very good this year.

Source: FanGraphs

French Fries: Martin Prado (4.8%)
Onion Rings: Paul Goldschmidt (3.9%)
Cauliflower: Wade Miley (-19.9%)

Not a particularly busy Gameday Thread, with barely 200 comments. Not that I'm one to judge, given that I didn't comment, either. JoeCB1991 led the way with 36, and he was joined by: AzDbackfanInDc, DeadmanG, Diamondhacks, GuruB, Jim McLennan, MrMrrbi, SongBird, TolkienBard, benhat, cheese1213, dsadbacks2001, hotclaws, onedotfive, piratedan7, preston.salisbury, and txzona

Tomorrow starts a 3 game set against the New York Mets. No word yet if the Diamondbacks plan on seeing Hurt Locker: the Musical, but first pitch tomorrow is at 4:10pm Arizona time. Be here, or be somewhere else.