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Snake Bytes, 5/21

Another series, another Cy Young caliber ace. This one had better results against the Diamondbacks. Adam Wainwright tossed a one-hit masterpiece as the Diamondbacks were shutout 5-0 on Tuesday.

Jeff Curry

Quick Quotes

"Holliday has given me trouble over the years," Arroyo said. "I wasn't worried about the home run in the first, but the two Peralta hits were huge. That's a righty on righty matchup, he hasn't been in this lineup, he hasn't seen me as much as the other guys over the last six or seven years, so I really needed to put him away. Just a bad fastball in the one count and then he hit a breaking ball that I didn't think he could lift out of the park, and he did."

-Bronson Arroyo

"His success as a manager speaks for itself. It's impressive the way he goes about things and the way he competes. I look at it as a positive thing for us. I believe he can help us. I'm very fortunate to have him to give me suggestions."

-Kirk Gibson

"We felt like we were rolling and then you catch a pitcher who is hot like that, it's frustrating. You really wanted to keep it going. But we had that happen last series, too, where [Zack] Greinke came out and dealt against us, and then in the next two games we got things going. We won't forget that."

-A.J. Pollock

Daily Digest

Wainwright Deals, Shuts Diamondbacks Out

The Diamondbacks just dodged perfection, though the drama was far less in St. Louis than it was last season against Yusmeiro Petit. A lone double by Paul Goldschmidt in the fourth inning is all that separated Adam Wainwright from perfection on Tuesday night. The Cardinals' ace dominated the Diamondbacks, striking out nine while cruising to a one-hit 5-0 shutout.

Gibson on Tony LaRussa

Kirk Gibson talks about expectations with LaRussa in the fold and about history between LaRussa and Sparky Anderson.

Tony LaRussa Hiring Reactions

The Common

The Less Popular

Around MLB

10 Teams 10 Stories

The Dodgers' television fiasco and the hiring of Tony LaRussa are two highlights from this quick rundown of 10 stories surrounding 10 teams in baseball.

Speaking of Dodgers' Dysfunctionality...

As if things weren't bad enough for the Dodgers, what with 70% of their home market blacked out from watching them stumble to a 23-22 start to the season, leaving them in third place, their newest and shiniest international signing, Cuban infielder Alex Guerrero, had part of his ear bit off and required plastic surgery which will likely keep him out for 5 weeks. The culprit in the Tyson-esque incident? His own teammate, catcher Miguel Olivo. Stay classy guys.

Stephen Drew Signs

After turning down the qualifying offer, and then later turning down an offer matching the QO, Stephen Drew has signed with the Boston Red Sox. Drew signed for a prorated portion of the $14.1 million that was originally offered by Boston at the close of 2013.