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Diamondbacks 0, Cardinals 5

Adam Wainwright was on top of his game tonight. The first eleven Diamondbacks were sat down in order without a single hit between them, but racking up four strikeouts and only getting one ball out of the outfield. The twelfth man to bat, Paul Goldschmidt, got a double to break up the perfect game. However, that really didn’t change anything, as the offense continued to struggle for the rest of the night, not managing another hit.

Bronson Arroyo was much more Bronson Arroyo-like than he had been the past few games. Instead of pitching like a super-ace, he gave up five runs, on nine hits, in seven innings. Sure, we could hardly expect him to continue his amazing tear he had been on, but a drop off to this extent, this quickly, is disappointing to say the least. Trevor Cahill came in to pitch the eight, and finished the game. Full recap to follow shortly.