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Game #32: Diamondbacks @ Padres

The third player to make their major-league debut for the 2014 Diamondbacks will take the field tonight, as Ender Inciarte makes it to the show. Congratulations to him.

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Bronson Arroyo
RHP, 1-2, 7.77

Andrew Cashner
RHP, 2-3, 2.68

Diamondbacks Lineup

  1. Gerardo Parra - RF
  2. Martin Prado - 3B
  3. Paul Goldschmidt - 1B
  4. Miguel Montero - C
  5. Aaron Hill - 2B
  6. Cody Ross - LF
  7. Chris Owings - SS
  8. Ender Inciarte - CF
  9. Bronson Arroyo - P
Worst starts in the major-leagues since 1998
  • 6-25.
    2003 Tigers (Won #32)
  • 8-23.
    1998 D-backs (Lost #31)
    1999 Marlins (Lost #32)
    2005 Royals (Lost #32)
    2006 Pirates (Won #32)
    2012 Twins (Won #32)
    2013 Astros (Lost #32)
  • 9-22.
    16 teams tied, including 2014 D-backs

Ender Inciarte makes his major-league debut tonight, playing CF for the Diamondbacks as they start a road-trip in San Diego. He'll be the third player with such a debut for Arizona, and the first position player, with the other two both being pitchers (Bo Schultz and Mike Bolsinger). He's the sixth in team history to appear for his first game in center field. Can you name the other five? Answer at the end.

As mentioned earlier, the D-backs made another outfield move, with Alfredo Marte replacing Tony Campana. The latter's inability to hit (.160 average) or take a walk (precisely zero bases on balls since Opening Day) made his speed a great deal less useful than it would otherwise have been. Not that Marte exactly set the major leagues on fire last time, but the .271 OBP he posted in 22 games would still be an improvement. And we'll be hoping for more, since he'll also be a year older, having turned 25 last month. Marte's numbers in Reno are significantly better this season, though small sample size applies there.

We'll also see tonight if Arroyo can build upon the success of his previous start, and certainly, Petco Park is a more friendly environment for him to be pitching in than many. In his six career starts there, he has a 2.13 ERA, although only one of those is since the end of the 2010 season. However, that one was a complete-game shutout for the Reds in July 2012, when he three-hit the Padres. Something along those lines would be very welcome this evening, but I'd settle simply for us kicking off the road-trip with a victory. That's give Turambar something different for his beercap: celebratory alcohol, rather than the "drowning sorrows" type!

The other five D-backs to play their first major-league game in CF were Adam Eaton and A.J. Pollock (2012), Parra (2009), Chris Young (2006) and Luis Terrero (2003, off the bench).