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SnakeBytes 5/2: Off-Day Blues

An off-day for the team as they travel to San Diego to face the 13-16 Padres. Will May bring change for the D-backs?

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Uh that's an awkward time to take a break Cody.
Uh that's an awkward time to take a break Cody.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Daily Dbacks

Josh Collmenter uses reading to shape philosophy |
Walk into the Arizona Diamondbacks clubhouse when they're on the road and you'll likely find Josh Collmenter sitting in front of his locker reading a book. Collmenter will often visit a bookstore on the road and browse until he finds something that catches his eye.

Cause of league-wide Tommy John boom hard to pinpoint |
Baseball is in the midst of a Tommy John epidemic. Since February, 31 players have required the surgery, including 16 major-league pitchers.

Keeping young arms healthy is D-Backs' key to success |
They stink at home. At least one delusional player is grumbling about media treatment, as if 22 losses in 31 games should come with kid gloves. Even the owner's son lashed out at the team before deleting his Twitter account.

Around the MLB

Hips put baseball pitchers at risk for elbow injury | Futurity
A limited range of motion in a baseball pitcher's hips could be a risk factor in the injury known as pitcher's elbow.

Curious David Ortiz Wondering What Happens To Players After They Retire | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
Speculating there is "a big clubhouse way up at the top of the sky," Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz reportedly expressed his curiosity Thursday over what happens to players after they retire.

Josh Reddick Found at Fenway Park

How to Sneak into a BallGame