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SnakeBytes 5/19: Home Cooking

After a month and a half of trying, the D-backs finally leave home with a series win under their belt thanks to some timely homers by Cody Ross and Eric Chavez. The D-backs look to pick up where they left off as they face the Cardinals and Mets starting Tuesday.

Praise the hip gods I'm cured!
Praise the hip gods I'm cured!
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports


We got into this series and kind of got a little momentum last night. It was good for us. The thing about last night's game, unless you play good tonight, it doesn't really mean anything.

- Kirk Gibson

Other than the two balls they hit out, I felt really good. I was down in the zone, and that's something that I've been really focusing in on. My fastball plays a lot better when it's down in the zone. ... So the big emphasis was just keeping things down.

- Josh Collmenter

There was talk of me not ever playing again, or coming back midway through the season. And here we are in May, and I'm able to produce and we get a big win today. It's pretty special.

- Cody Ross

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For the first time in 2014, an opposing team left Chase Field with a series loss. The D-backs clinched their first home series win of the season with a 5-3 victory over the Dodgers on Sunday afternoon at Chase Field.

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With the Dodgers coming to town and two of their aces scheduled to pitch, this seemed perhaps an unlikely weekend for the Diamondbacks to collect their first series win at Chase Field this season.

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Prado did not accompany the team on its charter flight to St. Louis on Sunday night. He will see an eye doctor Monday morning in Phoenix and then take a noon flight to meet his teammates in St. Louis.

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D-backs manager Kirk Gibson can't remember where he was when Randy Johnson tossed his perfect game on May 18, 2004, but he knew where he wanted the members of his current team to be when the Big Unit threw out the ceremonial first pitch before Sunday's game.

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