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Snake Bytes, 5/15: More Off-day Blues

Brandon McCarthy's masterful performance through eight innings was wasted by lack of offense and a four-run Washington ninth as the Nationals took game three and the series at Chase field on Wednesday.

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Quick Quotes

"You don't like to lose. It's not how you lose, it's whether you do."

-Kirk Gibson

"I'm happy that we have been better. It was rough the first few weeks where we just felt like the five outcasts and it didn't matter who was starting, it was like we were the guys sitting outside wasting everybody's time. At least now we are contributing again and having some better performances and taking us deeper into games, which is what we were meant to do from the beginning, it just took us a little while to get going."

-Brandon McCarthy

"The players have been great the whole way. They have never hung their head or given up. It all goes with our pitching. The minute our pitching got in line and our bullpen got the rest they needed and the starting pitchers went deeper into games, we are playing more like I think we should."

-Kevin Towers

"Give credit to Span. He fouled a bunch of decent pitches off, waited until I made a mistake and got on base to start the inning. After that, I felt like the pitch to (Anthony) Rendon was a pretty good pitch. Tip your hat because he drove it the other way."

-Brad Ziegler

"Probably. We've asked him to do a lot, no doubt about it. That's always the risk. He's had a pretty good run. It's hard not to go to him in that spot."

-Kirk Gibson on using a "fatigued" Ziegler

Daily Digest

McCarthy's Strong Start Squandered in 9th

Brandon McCarthy bounced back from his terrible outing in Chicago, pitching 8 innings of one-run ball, surrendering only 2 hits and striking out 7. Unfortunately for McCarthy and the Diamondbacks, Brad Ziegler was unable to continue his recent run of excellent outings and surrendered four runs in the ninth. The Nationals took the game 5-1 and the series 2-1.

Ziegler's Scoreless Streak Stopped

Despite a rocky Spring Training and opening week of baseball, Brad Ziegler has once again been the Brad Ziegler that Arizona fans have come to know and love. The sidearm right-hander took a streak of 19 scoreless innings into the 9th inning of Wednesday's game. Then a 10-pitch walk to Denard Span to lead off the inning opened the gates for Washington to bring that streak to an end.

Weakness Becomes Strength

The Diamondbacks' rotation, the pariah of the first month of the season has transformed itself over the last 20 games, making itself one of the few strong points of the struggling team.

Wolf Departs

Randy Wolf exercised his opt-out clause and left Reno in order to take a starting position with the Miami Marlins.

Robo-Umps? What About Robot Pitchers?

The Diamondbacks showcased an unusual ceremonial first pitch on Wednesday.

Around MLB

Martin Perez Joins "The List"

Martin Perez joins the list of MLB pitchers in need of Tommy John surgery, becoming the 19th member since the calendar flipped over to January.

MLB Forms Committee to Find Next Commissioner

It looks like Bud Selig really means it this time when he talks about retiring. Now ownership needs to find someone willing to take over.

HS Pitcher Throws 194 Pitches in Game

Dylan Fosnacht threw 194 pitches over 15 scoreless innings before being removed from the game for Rochester High School. To top things off, he was replaced by the catcher who tossed two more innings, then pitched seven innings of the second game later that day.

Video Highlights


Sometimes the game actually includes fun moments too.

Leury Garcia

Who needs Eaton in center? Garcia makes a great game-ending play.

Masahiro Tanaka

The Yankees' off-season prize happened to the Mets, throwing his first MLB shutout and also garnering his first MLB hit.