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Diamondbacks 5, Nationals 6: I never learned how to Reed

The Diamondbacks fought hard this game, but a pair of solo home runs given up by Addison Reed proved to be the difference.

Christian Petersen

So a subplot going into this game was "Hey Matt Williams manages the Nationals now! He used to be a coach and player for the Diamondbacks! Isn't that rad?" I'm sure it is, Jimmy (your name is Jimmy now)

However, we must first speak of Josh Collmenter vs. Jordan Zimmermann, the pitchers in tonight's game. Collmenter did not start this off very well. He was already down 1-0 two batters into the game thanks to a leadoff triple by Denard Span and a sac-fly by Anthony Rendon. He fell behind 2-0 in the second on a solo home run by Tyler Moore, which sort of shows how he will make it on his own.

The Diamondbacks would gain a lead in the third. Collmenter got a double, and he's a pitcher! Martin Prado hit a ground rule double to score him to make it 2-1. Paul Goldschmidt doubled him home as well to tie the game, and Miguel Montero singled Goldy home to make it 3-2 D'Backs.

Now, if you're a believer in the "Shutdown inning" therom, it was not endorsed by Josh in the following inning, as he gave up a leadoff walk to Wilson Ramos and then Ian Desmond immediately whacked one for a two-run shot to make it 4-3 Nats. Collmenter, for his part, did not last beyond the fifth. Three of the relievers who pitched after him did an admirable job holding things down. We'll get to that last one in a bit.

A.J. Pollock hit a two-run opposite-field blast to regain a 5-4 lead for the Diamondbacks in the sixth. Evan Marshall came in for the seventh, having not allowed a baserunner or run yet in his Major League career. He allowed the former, but barely escaped with the latter, thanks to a very fortunate ground rule double with Nate McClouth on first and running hard from Denard Span. He then got Rendon to ground out to Chris Owings to end the threat. I should mention though that Owings made a damn fine diving play, avoiding a broken bat and just getting enough on a bouncy throw to get Rendon out (and he was just, barely)

All these warm and fuzzy feelings dissipated in the ninth, when Addison Reed, shiny new closer toy, gave up a leadoff home run to Danny Espinosa to tie the game. Okay, fine, whatever, I mean just leave it for the bottom so the team can break the tie and... nope, Kevin Frandsen, of all people, hit a pinch-hit homer to break the tie. Proven Closer(TM) Reed now has a 5.03 ERA. Chew on that for a little bit.

The Diamondbacks threatened a little in the ninth, but it was more like someone in a dark alley trying to mug you with a plastic spoon. Ender Inciarte got a leadoff single against Rafael Soriano, but was erased by an Eric Chavez double play. Gerardo Parra got a double, but Martin Prado grounded out to end the game.

The Diamondbacks are 3-16 at home. That is bad. That is stone cold bad.

Source: FanGraphs

Socrates: Pollock (+33.3%)
Sartre: Aaron Hill (+14.5%)
Crazy Bum Yelling At Cars: Reed (-65.9%)

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