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SnakeBytes, 4/6: Worst ever edition

The Diamondbacks have now lost their first three series - an impressive feat, considering two of those had even numbers of games - and are at their lowest-ever record after eight games, of 1-7. Not quite the start for which we were hoping.

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Doug Pensinger

[] Fast start gives way to familiar tough luck - Miguel Montero said after the game, "Obviously we keep talking about, 'It's early, it's early,' but who cares? We've just got to pick it up right now, because the next thing you know, you're going to be 1-15 and it's going to be hard to pick it up like that. So we either pick it up right now, or things can get ugly.

[AZ Central] Diamondbacks fall to Rockies for 4th straight loss - Said Brandon McCarthy, "It's not just that you want to start winning, but you want to put the positivity back in here. You don't want this to snowball into something where you feel defeated for the season. This is eight games. It's bad, but all it takes it a positive thing to turn it and get something going. Coming out of the gates is hard when you're stumbling, but if we just get something going we'll be fine."

[FOX Sports] New low: D-backs off to worst start in franchise history - "I really don't know what happened," said McCarthy "I just sort of lost the feel for my sinker, just really started to struggle with that command-wise. The first two home runs were just really bad pitches. I didn't get the sink I wanted, didn't put them in the (right) location, and got punished." "Everything just fell apart, like what has been happening," Montero said. "We made bad pitches, period. It was a lot of hanging breaking balls, a lot of up, out over-the-plate fastballs. We've just got to bear down, make good pitches, especially with two strikes."

[AP] Arenado, Rockies rally past D-Backs 9-4 - "It still seemed like we had the runner beat with the throw but we didn't hold on to it," manager Kirk Gibson lamented. "It was a pressure play they put on us. We didn't execute it." "It was awesome, a heads-up play," Gonzalez said. "Parra kind of falls asleep in right field thinking that I was going to go to second base, throws the ball to second base, D.J. never stopped and that was the go-ahead run, that was what we needed."

This is a large GIF, but the play deserves your bandwidth...


Team news

[] Towers expresses belief in early turnaround - "I still believe in these guys," Arizona general manager Kevin Towers said. "I think a really good group of players. We're going to get in sync and put it all together. All we need to do is go out and win two or three games in a row and exhale a little bit. We haven't played very good baseball. That's pretty evident. We haven't been able to put two and two together. The games that we swing the bats well, we don't have pitching. We get pitching performances; we're not swinging the bats."

[AZ Central] The capacity problem at Chase Field - "I think today if I were to build a stadium I'd probably want it to be 42,000," Hall said. "I think that's probably perfect. Some new ones are 38,000 to 42,000, and that seems to be the number. There are times you wish it was larger, like on Opening Day or in the postseason, but you have to think about those other games in the middle that really make the difference. You want to have a real home field advantage and the feel of a packed house. In order to do that, you've got to be a number lower than 50,000, especially in our market. If you're in Los Angeles or New York, you can do that."

[Billboard] Jimmy Eat World Previews Arizona Diamondbacks' 2014 Season - Jimmy Eat World's drummer Zach Lind, talks about the D-Backs Didn't know his dad got to the major leagues. "Phoenix is a tough town. If you're not playing for something, people tune out really quickly. It's certainly not like an east coast town. I think it's because it's a newer culture here. I'm 38 and I was born and raised in Phoenix but it's really rare to meet someone [my age] who was born here. There are a lot of fans of other teams that come here. It becomes this melting pot of sports allegiances. "

And, elsewhere... [Pitching edition]

[Halos Heaven] Angels Win - Skaggs Debut a Masterpiece - "Tyler Skaggs in his Angels debut: 8 IP, 4 H, 5 K, 1 BB, 0 ER. Did I need to write anything else?" So far, both he and Mark Trumbo are doing well in their new environment. But one has to wonder if we still rather have Skaggs back, considering that our pitching staff is struggling so badly.

[ESPN New York] Mike Delio strikes out all 21 batters in perfect game - Mike Delio's first varsity start for Carle Place High School on Long Island couldn't have gone any better. "I've had dreams of throwing no-hitters and perfect games, but nothing like this," Delio told Newsday after his team's 15-0 victory. "This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity." At the plate, Delio also contributed with three walks and two stolen bases. He needed just 64 strikes in total.