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Fang Foods: Rockies Mountain Hop High

Beer, all the beer

Only seven games into a young season and many of us seek out something to turn our minds away from an apparently hopeless Dbacks team.

Thank God for beer to help us forget such games as yesterday's!


"Yes good sir, I require all the beer."

Luckily for our (so far) hapless Dbacks, Denver has many many many places devoted to fine beer to help them forget 8th innings, missed opportunities, silent bats and bad luck.

Case in point; Colorado has about 200 breweries (per including such giants as New Belgium, Odells and Oskar Blues.  They also play host to a MEGA brewery in Coors, which (for those those of you who are not too bright) is why the Rockies play at Coors Field.

I've been fortunate enough to visit a few of those locations thanks to a business trip that I managed to turn into a road trip/vacation. **fist pump** On that glorious drive through Colorado I was able to visit the following and enjoy their beers (responsibly):  Ska Brewing, Steamworks, Oskar Blues, Bull & Bush, Great Divide, Fort Collins Brewing, Odells, New Belgium, Left Hand and Trinity Brewing Co.  New Belgium was perhaps the most impressive, with a sprawling facility capable of brewing tens of thousands of barrels a year, not to mention they provide free beer to visitor (I kid you not).  Oskar Blue might have been the most unique hidden in an unmarked warehouse with the bar bearing the name The Tasty Weasel and live local bands playing every day.  Hard to find (I drove by it twice) but it was worth the search as they had some barrel aged beers on tap that I didn't even know existed.  Any of you heard of whiskey barrel aged Old Chub on cask?  I thought not.


With that in mind I'm quite envious of the Rockies and their local fans.  They have a true brewing culture at their doorstep, one that I wouldn't mind seeing become a reality here in Arizona.  In time I'm sure that will come to pass, but we have quite a bit of work ahead of us.

Going back to my commentary about drinking to forget about such hideous losses as yesterday, I'd like to start a new weekend FangFood that will revolve around a game recap while sampling select craft ales.  Think of it as a beer by beer recounting of games.

What say all of you of such an idea?