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Diamondbacks 5, Rockies 8

Another loss.

Norm Hall

Wade Miley did not have a good outing. Those happen sometimes, but when he's been consistantly your only good starter, that is inconvenient at best.

Miley gave up an RBI double to Carlos Gonzalez in the first frame (though he was thrown out a third on the play so ha ha?). The Diamondbacks answered back with a Gerardo Parra solo-shot off of Franklin Morales to tie it. The Rockies took the lead back on a Troy Tulowitzki double that scored two in the third. The D'Backs answered back in the bottom of the frame with a Miguel Montero sac-fly and an Aaron Hill single.

The Rockies answered the next half-inning. (You see a pattern here?) on a Jordan Pacheco double to score one to make it 4-3. The Diamondbacks got tied back up in the fifth on a Paul Goldschmidt RBI groundout.

Colorado put in the killing blow in the sixth thanks to a solo homer by Tulo and a two-run shot by Justin Morneau to make it, at the time, 7-4. Each team added another run on various bullpen maleficence, but the Diamondbacks could not do anything in the ninth and lost yet again.