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The (Half) Week in Diamondbacks Tweets

Tweet of the Week @wademiley36 . Way to go Wade and Ryan. Shaved their heads for "Lil Man".#LoveBaseballHateCancer. True friendship.

Dammit. Somehow, the first half of my gathering of Tweets, were eaten by the SB Nation machine. Either that, or the undead on Zombie Night consumed them. So, therefore, a rather truncated selection, covering more or less from Saturday on.

First Tweets

However, to make sure you get your full dose, I've been amusing myself with Twitter's site, which allows you to relive the glory that was your first Tweet. Here are some select (and not-so) entries.

Here's the first official Dbacks' Tweet. Damn, times have changed in five years, haven't they?

The Games in Diamondback Tweets

Diamondbacks 7, Cubs 5

Diamondbacks 5, Phillies 6

Diamondbacks 0, Phillies 2

On the topic of not PHing Eric Chavez for Cody Ross in the ninth.

Diamondbacks 5, Rockies 8

The way this one went, I certainly endorse the next concept.

And elsewhere...

And good to see a former Diamondback is still active... and may have a secondary career after he retires!